Monday, June 1, 2009

Today's lesson

he caressed me
he told me I'm sexy
he caressed my tits
he spanked me for his pleasure
he kissed me long and sweetly
he deprived me of air
he bit my neck
he pressed himself against me
he bit my lip
he had me touch him
just the way he likes it
he slapped my face
for omitting something vital
he let me touch him
yes there
with the tip of my tongue
he said I didn't do well
that new task
I didn't do well
I cried
and tonight
he let me cum.

He said I had earned it.


cutesy pah said...

I struggle with hearing that you cried and disappointed him. I know that we submissives all have lessons to learn, but for me, it's hard to watch.


Paul said...

OG, if your Master is a sadist, it can be hard.
He is looking for perfection, he will never be totally satisfied, but you are doing very well.
Love and warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

It's ok, cutesy pah. Struggle and failure are part of learning. And remember, he did say that evening that I had earned the orgasm. He is deliberate with his words, and that was a clear statement of praise. he also knows when to use praise and when to show his disappointment. He knows that the latter, and eventually some measure of physical punishment, are the best way to sear in my memory what he wants.

I welcome the physical punishment, as I know it works.

Paul - yes, he is a sadist, my Master, and he doesn't confine himself to inflicting physical pain. But the main point, aside from his desire to be pleasured in the way that works for him (and oh yes, he knows EXACTLY what works for him; we should all be so clear!) is that he says I am cursed with having great potential. And he expects me to fully realize it for him. Or else what's the point?

This is one reason I find my service to him to be almost sacred. NO ONE in my entire life has ever demanded that I fully live up to my potential. He sees what is there and he works very hard to milk out of me every last drop he can. As a chronic underachiever who has always at base been very smart and very creative, how can I not love such a man?

Anonymous said...


I like this. There is a story that when Thoreau wrote Walden Pond, which is so introverted that it uses "I" and "myself" and so forth several thousand times, the typesetters ran out of slugs for "I". I love how many times you use "he" here; it so clearly focuses the attention on your lover.

And yes, of course we disappoint our lovers. That we can disappoint them is a sure sign that they care about our live's trajectories; that it pains us to disappoint them is a sign that we care about their love. Always and always...