Sunday, June 28, 2009

This was the weekend

This was the weekend we might have been together.

We weren't.

And yet, he kept me with him.

He gave me an assignment.
He gave me a gift.

He gave me the freedom and the offer to call him as often as I wished. I was to - had to - was allowed to - call him yesterday and today as I often as I wished. I was to call him and arouse him and incite him and fill him with my voice and my submission and my breath and my desire and with memories of how I have served him and thoughts of how I will obey him and reminders of my body beneath his and images of my body despoiled by others.

I was a good girl, an obedient pet, an inspired little whore. I left so many messages that I filled his mailbox as he has obviously kept my words to fill his car on the drive home.

And at 2:05 this morning, he phoned me. He phoned me and called me his good girl and said that next time there was a chance I could come with. I don't know whether next time means next year or next month, but anything from him that implies confidence in the future is yet another addition to the box I keep of his accumulating gifts.

I don't know the details. He'll tell me more later, he said. For now, I know that I pleased him, I gave him what he wanted, I did what was required.

He should be on his way home now. I wish he had time to stop by and show me how much I aroused him. I wish he would call me from the car, and tell me how much he wants me to serve his cock, how much he wants me to take his pain, how much he wants me to show my obedience and devotion.

Of course, what I want is irrelevant. And I have learned that when I give him what he wants, I am fulfilled.

This was the weekend we might have been together.

And this was the weekend we were.
In our own way, every moment of the day or night
I was with him and he was with me.


pixiepie said...

It's such a special feeling when you know without a doubt that you have pleased him. I am starting to fel this with Liam now....its building - not quite what I had with Richard but the urge to please him and obey him is growing.

Nancy said...

I loved reading this happy post ~ full of your delight and joy in making him happy.
Hope this theme continues!

Paul said...

OG, your pleasure comes because you fed his soul as he feeds yours.
Fully sated leaves you both joyful, and you dear OG produce beauty as the happy bee produces honey.
The bee is a wondrous creature as indeed are you.
Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

'He gave me the freedom and the offer to call him as often as I wished.'

wow. that's cool - that's a big deal, right!

hope you have a weekend when you are together physically also soon xx