Monday, June 8, 2009


And did anyone noticed that I finally revised my profile?

Now if I can just bring myself to take to change the picture on my desktop... I'm so used to seeing the philosopher there. I'm accustomed to him. It doesn't hurt me any more. Well, most of the time...

I think what's holding me up most of all is deciding what to put there instead.

And no, mamacrow. A picture of my Master is not an option.


Anonymous said...

I think congratulations are in order...

Greenwoman said...

Hey there...Just stopping in to say hello...thought I'd suggest some great work of art...especially something erotic. ((hugs))

cutesy pah said...

Hello, sweetie! I've been so busy myself, I hadn't stopped by to notice much of anything. What progress for you!! I'm thrilled to see the happiness just bursting out of your posts.

many hugs, and much love,

oatmeal girl said...

Thank you
thank you

[she smiles and waves and bows in all directions]

Thanks, Orlando. (And if the rest of you haven't checked out his wonderfully thought-provoking blog, you really should!! We're having these delightful private conversations over there... not that I mind, but it would be fine for the rest of you to jump in.)

Greenwoman - yes, I was thinking of adding a picture - there's this wonderful Helmut Newton photo that has quite inspired both me and my Master - can't remember if I've posted it here or not. But because of the size and shape it didn't quite suit that side column. I'm thinking of something pre-Raphaelite. Just have to find the right one.

Hey, cutesy pah - I've been really bad myself. I've been sticking my head in the door of various blogs, taking a quick peek, and then dashing off - often without even leaving a calling card. So special thanks for saying hi.

And yes, I'm happy. It's spring, but it keeps raining so I'm staying a little over-medicated. But we all know that's not all it is.

My Master.
He makes me happy.

And tonight he said I can sleep with his flogger.

Anonymous said...

"And tonight he said I can sleep with his flogger."


God, that's hot.

Doll said...

After lurking for a long time, just wanted to say I love your writing ^^

mamacrow said...

'And no, mamacrow. A picture of my Master is not an option.'

I didn't say a word!!!!

'And tonight he said I can sleep with his flogger.'

maybe a picture of his flogger then?!

'And if the rest of you haven't checked out his [Orlando's] wonderfully thought-provoking blog, you really should!! '

actually, I've been lurking and really enjoying it :)

don't guffaw, but I'm actually quite shy and usually lurk for a bit before I get up the courage to start commenting on a blog!

oatmeal girl said...

Orlando, dear, you are so easy to excite. I've never really been able to relate to a male submissive before, but now I wish you lived nearby so we could compare notes over a cup of tea. Besides, you're so wretchedly smart. Please give mUrre my compliments, She's disgustingly lucky, and the only reason I'm not unbearably jealous is because you are, as we know, submissive.

Doll, thank you so much for coming out of hiding! Welcome to the pyjama party. And remember - good grammar is worth the effort. (By the way, I love your opening sentence in your latest post about his having exquisite teeth.Very effective.)

Thanks for the suggestion about a flogger picture. I'll see if I can come up with a creative way to do it. And there's nothing wrong with lurking a while before commenting. You're more likely to have something intelligent to say if you've gotten to know the writer a bit.

Doesn't stop me, though...