Thursday, June 25, 2009

Working towards Pre-Raphaelite

Working towards pre-Raphaelite.
Looking rather tame here,
right after my sweet and smiling hairdresser
made my hair obey his command.
Doms use canes and floggers.
Hairdressers use blow dryers.
Either way, we capitulate.
He took the photo for me, too,
re-arranging the curls just so to properly display his work.

It's come a long way since
the philosopher ordered me to grow it out.
I still miss asking for permission
before making an appointment to have it cut.

Maybe when it gets a little longer
I'll arrange a photo shoot
recreating the pre-Raphaelite classics.

Followed by some odalisque nudes.

Any of you artsy photographers want to volunteer?


Anonymous said...

Its gorgeous, beautiful hair x

Anonymous said...

Oh good. When I saw Lilith beside your last post, I thought "Oh, Oatmeal is having a really bad day." I mean.

But gee, yes, your hair matches.

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks, rosie. Such a waster, those years I had it very short. But I guess it was something I needed to get out of my system. I thank the philosopher for forcing me to grow it out.

Ah, Orlando, I can always count on you to be perceptive.

More than a bad day. A bad week.

I like the idea of Lilith. Created as an equal to Adam, not out of him. Independent. A good feminist symbol. Vilified by men out of fear and resentment.


I'd rather be owned.

Paul said...

OG, Pre-Raphaelite a school that I enjoy immensely.
Titian hair, lovely.
Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

wow, I have hair envy! lovely gorgeus hair! xxx

selkie said...

gorgeous hair! and I LIKE long hair - I'm just regrowing mine out too - and it feels GOOD.

cutesy pah said...

gorgeous hair, love! I can't grow my long, and I look much better with it short. but yours is just lovely!

I'm glad to hear that you're ok, too.

thedirtyblonde said...

It's a lovely handful for a fortunate man to be grasping in the heat of passion. Beautiful colour and cut.

Ellie said...

Ah, such a disappointment, that none of my kids have my red hair. Mine has been long for most of my life -- at least, it has been since I wrested control from my mother at age nine. A couple of times, as an adult, I've taken it into my head that it would be a good idea to have it cut in a jaw-length bob. Which does look okay, on me. For about two weeks, then I ache to have the thick hanks back. Currently it's a bout half-way down my back. I put a photo of my head back up on my blog. Just because. Yours looks lovely, keep it long, I say.


oatmeal girl said...

Thank you, all. Sometimes a girl just needs to be admired! (Especially when the man for whom I grew this hair won't even get to see it. Alas...)

Paul - I love the pre-Raphaelites, also. So lush and unabashedly romantic.

mamacrow - it looks a little different when I've dried it myself. My hairdresser makes it particularly smooth - in some ways, when I do it myself it looks even MORE pre-Raphaelite.

selkie - yours is more than a little impressive. I had him lop a bit off this time to make it more bouncy, but I do love the way it curls over my shoulders. Feels delicious.

cutesy pah - thanks, love. I had mine short for a while, which was fun at first, but I realize that it was meant to be long. And being one of the few at my age to not have gone grey, I figure I might as well flaunt it. (And yes, thank you, I'm fine, though had a headache today. I'm still not holding up my end at commenting on other people's blogs. Please forgive, all of you.)

dirtyblonde - the sadist uses it a bit differently now that it is longer. Rather than burying his hand close to my scalp, he takes hold of the hanging bit and uses it as a handle to control my head. I love it, although I miss the pain of the other method. But less seems to get pulled out this way, so it's just as well.

Ellie - my mother took me to her hairdresser in 2nd grade. He cut my hair short and I lost my curls. From that day until recent years, I was afraid of hairdressers. I knew they couldn't wait to cut it short. Happily, now they seem to have learned how to cut in the curls. Especially this guy. I've never seen it curl that much since pictures of when I was young! I love it. Besides, long hair is in again, at least for now, so those of us who want it that way, who were meant to have it that way, receive external support for our personal desires.

Well, for some of our desires...