Thursday, April 1, 2010

One cunt, open for business

Perhaps it's the full moon, only slightly trimmed. Perhaps it's the spring, and the carpet of cherry blossoms forming outside my window. Whatever the reason, my hormones are on a rampage, my womb is convulsing, and my pussy is pulsing in time with the universe as it sings its song of life.

Here I go again.

I need to be fucked.

My Master was just here!
On Wednesday he was here.
It was just the two of us,
it was all about the two of us,
sweet and gentle,
tender and loving,
kisses and caresses...

and I have to stop thinking about it or I will be lost in moist memories and never make it to bed. Let alone finish this post.

So really, I should be quite satisfied, especially as he allowed me to cum on Saturday. That should last me for another month or so. No?

I don't even care about cumming.
I just need to be fucked.

Once again, I see that line of men, patiently waiting. Well, maybe not so patiently, but certainly waiting. They wait and they watch, as one by one they each take their turn. I am bent over the bed, legs slightly spread. One of the sadist's other submissives stands at the door, handing out condoms as each man enters, watching to be sure the little stockings are correctly unrolled onto the already erect and straining cocks.

I am bent over the bed,
legs slightly spread.

I am bent over the bed, legs slightly spread, cunt hot, cunt wet, cunt still tight even when it is all over and ten horny men have pounded my hungry pussy.

And they do.
From behind.
They enter my cunt.
They enter my ass.
Their pelvises leave bruises on my butt.
They take their time.
Thank God they take their time.
They fuck me till I lose track of time.
Nothing exists but cunt and cocks.
And my Master.
Always and forever
there is my Master.
Singing my praises.

Sometimes, between cocks, he takes the flogger to my ass, to my thighs, to my happily used cunt, bringing the falls up between my legs and striking my tender clitoris as hard as one can with such a sweet weapon, making sure I don't forget that he is there and that he owns me.

There is no way I can forget.
I will never forget.

And when my minyan of marauders have all emptied their scrotums (or should I say "scrota"?), they thank him for their generosity and stagger out the door.

Leaving just the two of us.
It is always about the two of us.
I sink to the floor.
I crawl to his chair
where he awaits me like
some eastern potentate.
And I take him in my mouth
and I love him with my mouth
and I love him with my tongue
and I love him with my teeth
And I love him.

[she sighs...]

That helped.
Time for bed.
No orgasm.
But still
I am
a happy
loving horny

And so,
good night.


Phil said...

Well written and sexy.

Paul said...

OG, after that, I hope that you slept well and dreamt gloriously.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

"...they thank him for their generosity..." You are so damned clever, and very funny. This is just lovely - and awfully sexy! And there you go with that danged rhythm again, and it sings like blood.
- jcn

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks, Phil. And in response to your question elsewhere, it is fantasy, although mildly grounded in last Saturday's experience of being shared. And you never know... it could happen... or something vaguely like it. My Master has all sorts of plans. Enough to last the rest of our lives, I suspect.

Paul, I almost always sleep well. Except when silly Marko wakes me up at 5 in the morning. He had spring fever this week, too.

jcn, that IS very funny. Because it is purely a typo. My first urge was to correct, but I've decided it is very clever indeed, and will keep it as I accidently wrote it.

charlie said...

Well they say that Spring is the time for mating.