Thursday, April 15, 2010


It was 3 weeks ago that I first shaved my cunt. I was rather leery about it. My doom had been hanging over my head for months, ever since my Master announced that he might have me shave. I knew how my skin behaved. I knew how easily irritated it was. I used to clip the hair very close for the philosopher, who was more easily persuaded to let me off the razor hook than the sadist was. I knew from that how arousing it was to feel my panties - or, better yet, the crotch of my jeans - passing over the unprotected skin and the even more unprotected female bits now that they were no longer cushioned by my little red curls. Still, I was worried about irritation. I was worried about cutting myself.

I was worried about the itch.

I know my own skin.
I did cut myself.
It looked all red and irritated.
And it itched like hell.

Still, what my Master wants, my Master gets. And there's a feeling I get from obedience... especially when I'm doing something I was not all that happy about in the first place. And I was surprised to find that I liked how it looked. It did not look at all pre-pubescent. It did not look at all like the cunt of some would-be porn star. It looked like me. My very own pussy. Solid and sensuous with those floppy inner lips hanging down between the generous outer ones. And the curls? They had become pretty scraggly with age. It was no great loss.

But the whole shaving ritual took a very long time. After all, I had read up on how to make it as smooth and painless as possible. The first time that included clipping everything close, but now, at least, that was no longer necessary. Still, there was the long, soaking bath first, to soften everything up.

It was a little over a week until I found time for the aforementioned bath and second shave. Again, it yielded irritation and bumples. That seemed to be my lot. I only hoped that in time my skin would accept its fate and the hairs would give up their lives without protest.

Between one thing and another, I didn't find time for my shaving bath last weekend. The hair kept on growing. It's not that it was that long. And when my Master was here on Monday (he has been here so often lately!), he didn't complain about the returning lawn.

But I knew.

And then, there was the itch.
Oh my god, was it itching!
And I am sorely lacking in the self-control department.

So I would scratch and scratch and that would just make it itch more, and it turned red and irritated and I thought helvete! - which is a much more serious swear word in Swedish than it is in English. If it's going to be red and irritated I might as well shave.

I was desperate. And had no time for a bath. So this morning I shaved in the shower. Quickly and cautiously. With the same blade I had used last time, nearly 2 weeks before.

And guess what!
Almost no irritation!
And the itch is gone!!

I suddenly think I know what the difference was. I used this Bikini Zone stuff each time, so that wasn't it - and in fact, needed more the first 2 times than this morning. And you would think not having a fresh blade would have made it worse.

But being short on time, and lacking the luxury of the shower, meant that the razor passed over my delicate skin less often. And maybe that's why the skin was less irritated. Which means I can shave in the shower every few days and not worry about fitting in a bath and always have a nice smooth pussy ready for when my Master announces as I'm leaving the house for work that he might be able to pay me a lunchtime visit that very afternoon.

I think I love my naked cunt.
I love feeling his eyes on it.
I love feeling him caress it.
I even in some way love having him flog it.

Because it gives him pleasure.
It represents my vulnerability.

And I want him to know that I am holding nothing back.

I belong to you, my Master.
I love you.
And everything I am is yours.


mina said...

for me, I noticed less itching and irritation when I started shaving in the same direction of the hair instead of against it. It doesn't give you as smooth of a shave, but it sure does help prevent all that itching!

Florida Dom said...

Good to see you're making him happy with your shaved cunt and that you get the added bonus of knowing you're obeying him.

Keep us up to date on whether you have any problems keeping it shaved.


charlie said...

Love a smooth pussy-bare, smooth and completely exposed to show it's style and design. You might want to try having it waxed.

Anonymous said...

Use to shave but it came in thick then i tried waxing the pain i could handle the mess was another story.. Praise Master when He order this one to laser now His sub is smooth and silky ...

nancy said...

sigh.. i am at the "maybe "
Wish it would be one or the other.
Trimmed I can do .. that shaving just bewilders me!

Glad you found a good method!

Anonymous said...

I am new here and amazed by your writing. I have added you to my blogroll.


Anonymous said...

What else works really awesome is Dove sensitive skin anti-perspirant. Swipe it on after your shave, and it prevents you from sweating, thus decreases razor burn. It also moisturizes that areas. You can't use it in conjuction with BikiniZone, as they chemically react (albeit harmlessly) and ball up on the skin.

oatmeal girl said...

Look at all these lovely comments and suggestions! They make me feel very taken care of.

I'll preface my replies at least for me, seems to be shaving very frequently, because the growing back seems to cause the worst itching of all.

mina - I did read that about shaving with the grain rather than against as I do on my legs. Thanks for explaining that this is why I can't get it close enough. The problem is that the hairs are very defiant, and the grain goes every which way. OIt keeps changing, especially right above my clit. Very frustrating. I think another secret may be to just do the best again without going over and over on the same spot. Perhaps that is irritating as well?

FD - I shaved again this morning, in the shower, just a touch up, not even bothering with the shaving cream. I was gazing at my naked cunt last night as I undressed. There are mirrored sliding doors on the double closet in my bedroom. I spent quite some time looking at it from different angles and decided that I really am quite enamored if it all hairless. So I don't think I will need any persuading any more.

charlie - I had wondered about having it waxed, since it seemed that would do a better job. But my Master was quite insistent on razors. Perhaps, being a sadist, he gets a thrill from the thought of sharp objects dancing around his precious tender treasure.

Anon - laser... you know, adding on the my comment to charlie, I think my Master might also like the idea that I have to keep working at maintaining its relative hairlessness, however imperfect a method shaving may be. It's another ritual, you know, a rededication each time to living as he wants me to. It's a very rich experience. And perhaps that is more important than being absolutely smooth. Just speculating...

nancy - I can't speak for anyone else. I'll just say that it ended up making me very happy.

Welcome, BM, and thank you. I'm always particularly happy to be visited by Scandinavians!

Lexi - who would've thought?! Thanks so much for the suggestion and the science lesson.