Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What if it were your cunt being offered up?

He has planted the seed in me.
Spring had a hand in it as well.

Suddenly, this evening, came this fierce desire for him to bring more men to use me.

One, two, even three.
Not gentle men.
Insistent men.
Greedy men.
Brutal men.

It must be the spring...

But you know, it could happen one day. The urge today was fantasy, born of the spring fever that always seizes me this time of year. But I know that my adventure with t.o.m a couple of weeks ago was just an introduction. I also suspect that my Master is molding me, leading me, brainwashing me to prepare me for more extreme adventures to come. He treasures me too much to risk sacrificing what we have by plunging me into an episode for which I am not ready.

And I also know that my accounts here and here and here of my introduction to being shared were colored by my feelings for my Master and by the floating happiness that is always a result of knowing that I've pleased him plus the beautiful intimacy of our time together. Did it color your own perception of what happened? Some man I had met once on the phone being brought to my house to spank me and flog me and play with my nipples and plunge his cock into my cunt from behind as if I were an anonymous hole?

Can you imagine submitting to that yourself?
Can you imagine requiring your own pet/submissive/slave/whatever to submit to the same?
To not just submit but to do her best to charm and please this stranger?
Would it excite you to submit?
Or frighten you?
Would it excite you to watch?
Would you want to be forced?
Would you want her to suffer?

Do you think your attitude has changed from reading my description of my own adventure?

How do you feel when I speculate that the next time it happens might not be as sweet?

Reality is not necessarily the same as fantasy.

These are real questions and I'm looking forward to your honest comments.

And now, good night.
My curfew looms.


Paul said...

OG, I think that I would be very uncomfortable at the thought of sharing my woman like that.
It would be feasible to save her life, or some other extreme situation.
I'm the wrong generation to be a swinger, though that isn't what you are thinking about.
Also I don't believe I'm possessive enough to really even think about doing that.
Love and warm hugs,

Mina said...

Yes, I would enjoy submitting to another for my husband. He takes great pride in me and my capabilities. He loves sharing that with others. I would be both excited and scared. So far, anyone I have encountered has been with my knowledge and I have spoken to them, but I know I also crave the day where he brings home someone of his choosing for me to pleasure. In a way, I suppose I'd be forced to because I have never met the man in question. But I trust my husband and know he would bring home someone I would enjoy. I also know my husband enough that he would give the other men very special instructions in how to handle me. I am my own husbands special possession. He wants no harm done to me. Plus, he likes to conspire with others.

mamacrow said...

this fantasy is not for me, not even as a fantasy really, but the way you write about it - hot.

You desire it and your Sadist is handling it and you well, what not to like?

yes, reality sometimes sucks... and not in a fun way. but I get the feeling that it's that fact that, maybe, really titilates you?

Dom Tom said...

My belief is that from both the top and bottom perspective, when you give yourself up to a total stranger you are engaging in the ultimate expression of love, ironically enough. This is also where complete trust in the top must be well placed. As you indicate there is a risk that a total stranger might not turn out to be what you thought. If your Dom/Master exposes you to such a danger not really knowing what to expect himself, that may be unwise.

Personally, I would rather see my lizard in bed with another woman, something we may get to one day but not this year! Seeing her with another man does not do much for me. And I would not want to have sex with the other woman, just to watch her seduce my lizard.

oatmeal girl said...

A quick clarification for Dom Tom: as far as I know, the men (and maybe women, too?) are not strangers to the sadist. Only to me. Everything is carefully planned, and my Master does treasure me. I suspect, for example, that he has known t.o.m longer than he has known me.

Of course, I do not know all his goals as far as I am concerned. It is an ongoing project. So you never know. All I can do is trust.

mika said...

it is beautiful to be given by your Master to another man to be used for his pleasure, and for your own. such an act of generous love...

nancy said...

I am delighted to be allowed to offer myself up for others.

It hasn't happened often but I never felt misused.

All the men.. ( maybe 5 and never all at once) were friends of the Dom.
They treated me with awe and respect.. not what i expected but delightful.

Of course there was the element of " oh my what is going to happen?" before the moment..but once it began.. i relaxed and enjoyed.

Liras said...

Interesting. It seems to be a turn-on for many, a big fantasy to others. From the amount of things I have read, this topic is one that is growing in the public mind.

Not being a bottom or a sub, this has not crossed my mind as something that would please me. I do know a few guys who would be glad to share me. *wink*

I wonder about what the dominant partner feels, in these things. Is it a grand and sweeping as what we imagine or something as simple as 1 plus 1 equals 2? Just a fact of existence, not calculating the differential.

I will ask a few guys I know and see what they tell me.

As you are excited and enjoying what you are doing, I give you a big 'thumbs up'. I hope your fantasies all come true.