Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There are many ways to share

Imagine two scenarios.
1. You're driving up into the mountains? Here! Take my car. Well, no it doesn't really have 4-wheel drive, but it's kind of beat up already and what the hell, enjoy yourself, take it over rough roads, push it to its limit, I don't care. Enjoy yourself, man! Naah, I won't be bent out of shape if you bring it back with a few more scratches. I'll probably add more the next day. And what the fuck, I've got more cars than I can count. If I can't use one, I'll use another.
2. Thank you, my friend. You did me a great favor. Now let me do something special for you. Come with me to where I keep my most precious possessions. Look at this lovely statue. The purest marble, and yet, when you stroke the stone, you could swear it warms and quivers beneath your hand. It was already beautiful when I acquired it for my collection, but then I polished the stone with my own hands, bringing out the rich swirls that were hiding beneath. Here. Touch it. Run your hand over the curves. You could almost believe it breathes. Stay here for a while, enjoy its magic. But don't let any harm come to this work of art. It is my prize possession.
And now, imagine what we shall call Scenario Two-and-a-half.
Thank you for service far beyond the call of duty. Come. I will take you to a special place and introduce you to one of my most precious possessions. Look. Look at this beautiful ass. And these glorious nipples. I think you will find them to be quite responsive. I've had to take some special pains with her... these artists! But I think you will agree that she was worth the effort. So here. Enjoy her. Enjoy her even more knowing that she is special to me. But be careful with her. Yes. I know. I have many others. But this one...
Well, no. Those weren't my Master's exact words as he introduced his associate to the pleasures that awaited him. But in some ways, they are not that far off. And at the same time, with the same words, he was saying to me:
You are my angel.
You are my treasure.
You are precious, my poet,
my beautiful pet.
You are mine,
only mine,
and have nothing to fear.
And I smiled, and relaxed, and gave of myself, knowing that I was being offered as a very special gift. There is certainly nothing humiliating in that!

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    Paul said...

    OG, I like this, from this point of view, not only is it not humiliating, but it could also be considered a signal honour, depending on the status of the friend.
    Love and warm hugs,