Thursday, July 22, 2010

Begging for favors: Reviewers wanted

No, this isn't yet another bit of shameless self-promotion for Best S&M Erotica Vol. 3: Still More Extreme Stories of Still More Extreme Sex which happens to contain my first published story. Published as in a book you can hold in your hands as well as in e-book format. There are enough plugs littering up this blog already.

So instead this is a request for a favor.
A gentle plea.
Actually, I'm really good at begging.
Want to see me crawl?

Should you happen to get the book in either format.
And then should you actually read it.
And should you get the urge to share your opinion of it,
we could really use some reviews on Amazon.

Notice that I am not qualifying the request with "and should you like it." No qualifiers. We do want to know what you think, though of course we hope that you like the collection as a whole - or at least some of the stories within.

So if/when you have ordered the book, and if/when you receive it and if/when you read it and if/when you have the urge to write a customer review... here are the links on the Amazon website:

Best S&M Vol. 3 - Paperback

Best S&M Vol. 3 - for Kindle

And on behalf of all of us, many thanks.


PS - the writers haven't received our own copies yet, so I really am curious as to what you all think of the other stories in the collection!


Anonymous said...

If the danged thing ever arrives, I'll drop whatever I'm doing, read it cover to cover, and zoom immediately over to leave a review.
If, if, if... - jcn

oatmeal girl said...

What? You won't even stop to masturbate? Not even a little?

Then the collection will have failed...

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on! Who's allowed to masturbate? In what world do you live? - jcn

Sharazade said...

Hey, I would love to review it. I have one book I've promised to review ahead of it, but only one... if it's OK with you, I'd post a longer review on my blog site and a shorter one on Amazon (since shorter ones there are more likely to get read).

~ Shar