Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The book has been released!!

I am so excited I can hardly think. Which is too bad, since I'm on my way to the writer's group.

The book is out.

And to my surprise, they are offering it in a tangible copy, on real paper, as well as in e-book format. Damn, I'm excited. This is ridiculous.

One of my "fans" (as the sadist likes to call you guys) has already ordered her copy. Who will be the next? I only wish I could autograph them for you.

You can order one HERE.

Yes, HERE!!!

I'm for sale and you can buy me HERE!!!!

Please do buy one....

Thank you...



Anonymous said...

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will definitely think about getting one!


Sharazade said...

Oh! I've been traveling, and only just saw this. I'm very excited too! I think though that I shall buy the hard copy. I just like the physical weight of a book in my hand, the turning of the pages.

Congratulations again. May it inspire you to write more!

~ Shar