Monday, July 5, 2010

Too much heat! Too much laundry!

It's nearly 10 PM Eastern Daylight Time as I begin this post, and the temperature has made it all the way down to 89 °F (32 °C). For tomorrow they are predicting a high of 102. Wednesday we will be treated more gently, with a projected peak of only around 100. I am sure we will be dancing in the streets.

I had put myself on this new exercise regimen a few weeks ago, and started off well enough, but then weather and air quality and circumstances sabotaged my intentions. I can't really lose weight without the exercise, so today I was determined to get back to it. I got in the car, heading out on the first of my pre-exercise errands, and heard the very unwelcome announcement that it was a Code Red air quality day. Code Orange means that "sensitive people" shouldn't go out and certainly shouldn't exert themselves. By "sensitive people" they don't mean submissives who go all soft and weepy at the thought of earning a master's smile. They mean people with certain health conditions. Such as asthma. Meaning me. For Code Red, you should lock yourself in the house with the air conditioning going full blast and not move more than absolutely necessary.

At least, that's what the cats think it means. They have barely stirred from the couch all day.

But that's not why I have been quiet, for which I must apologize.

The sadist followed my week-long exclusive assignment with a complete change of direction which I found very difficult to handle. It has been quite a struggle and painful in a way that had nothing to do with leaving marks on my buttocks. Happily for me, he decided to lift his order early. He took pity on his pet today, and gave me a task which sent me back to that place where nothing exists but what he creates for me. Every atom is now smiling sweetly, and my heart is at peace.

Plus it doesn't hurt that the culmination of the task was permission to masturbate (fingers only) and then to cum.

I am his pet.
I am his treasure.
And today I am happy.

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nancy said...

Glad you are a treasured happy pet!

Don't go out today.. it is already 96 here at 11AM.. nasty air quality!