Saturday, July 10, 2010

A week, a night, a gift - beaten, peed on, and treasured (1)

I will never forget the smile on his face.
That - and my hairbrush landing on my ass.

Add to that the hours waiting in the cold, the salt coating his body, the hot urine running down my back... the memories of that night are almost too rich to contain in a catalogue.

And yet it was more than just one night.
More than 24 hours.
It was a full week of service,
with every word,
every thought
focused on my Master,
on what was to come,
and what had just passed.

On June 22, I mentioned that I was on exclusive assignment for a week, and was working for my Master alone. This was true, but it was more than that. The entire week was like an arc, culminating in a very special night.

That Saturday night.
A night together in another town.
A night of pleasure for my Master.
A reward for his pet, for being such a very good girl.
A possibility first mentioned a year and a half before.

And now I have permission to write about it. Within limits, of course. The sadist is always very clear and very wise about limits to protect our privacy.

Every year, for quite a long time now, the fiend spends a weekend in a town a few hours away to visit with friends and attend an event. A few months into our relationship it occurred to him to bring me along.

Always seeking ways to taunt, torment, and inspire me, the sadist told me about the possibility. His initial vision of the weekend, processed through the mill of my submissive creativity, produced the poem Re-creation. I do hope you will follow the link back and read it.

The possibility of our making the trip together hovered over us until shortly before the weekend itself, although I think we both knew for weeks before that it wouldn't work out. Here, I wrote about how I felt while he was away, and the gifts he gave me - the gift of calling him and the possibility that I might be able to be with him in the future.

The future arrived 2 weeks ago.
And it was good.

The story is too rich and full to be told all at once, so it will be doled out in episodes. Besides, I have learned from my sadistic owner how to torment and tease. Speaking of the sadist, these posts are written with his permission, and within his limits. You may thank him for allowing me to reward your curiosity about our activities that week by leaving lots of intelligent and thoughtful comments, which he has asked me to pass on to him. He does love to know what reactions he inspires.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading all about this momentous event.

Sorry... the heat has sucked all the 'intelligent and thoughtful' out of me. :)

nancy said...

I remember how excited you were last year about this!

I'm so glad you had this time together. I'll wait patiently for the further posts!
It sounds as though a great time was had by you and the Sadist.

oatmeal girl said...

Ah yes, marianne, the heat. It finally let up here, and today is my first truly productive writing day in quite a while. Writing and sleeping - I've done nothing much more than that.

ah yes, nancy, last year... it wasn't really clear this year whether I was going until a week before. I had tests to pass... that was the focus of his visit on the previous Saturday. I wasn't even really sure what he was looking for some of the time, but I passed.

He knew I would pass.
He hoped I would pass.
He wanted me to pass.

And while I can describe WHAT happened over the course of the week surrounding and including the trip, there is no way I can truly convey the depth and import of it all.