Friday, October 31, 2008

Stream of submissive subconsciousness

i open my mind
i close my eyes
i welcome the image
and bow to the words

teach me, Sir
teach me how to please you
tell me what to say
tell me what to do, Sir
tell me what you want
hurt my willing body
teach me how to write
teach me with your cane, Sir
teach me with the pain
gorge yourself on screams, Sir
and swallow down my words.
here, Sir. here they are.
here are my words
here are my poems
here are my metaphors
here is my soul.

and at the end
here they will be
tear tracks on my cheeks
welts upon my thighs
a mark upon my belly
and poems on the page.


Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl, yes I like this very much.
Warm hugs,

OliviaManners said...

Your words flow very powerfully.
Thank you for sharing.


mamacrow said...

the last 6 lines - lovely.

not that the rest of it wasn't i hasten to add, but the last 6 lines were the ones that really did it for me. they could sit alone as their own poem, i think.

Louise said...