Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From the classifieds


One pussy. Good as new. Barely used. Hot and wet and tight.
Hot enough to melt a latex glove.
Wet enough to soak right through your thickest pair of jeans.
And tight. Ah tight. She'll latch on your little finger
and suck it like an infant that can't let go.
Hot and wet and tight and free to a good home.
Or a not-so-good home.
How about a downright evil home?
Or not even a home. Will consider
a cage, hidden in an undisclosed location.
Just take her off our hands.
She's languishing. Take her.
She's yours.
This pussy needs to be used.

Posted with permission, given as follows:
You may post not only this but any comment I have made regarding your pussy. You may even post them serially (is that a word?) as a running commentary, sort of a Vagina Dialogues thing, including the phrase "fist-tight cauldron of honey" if you like and even refer to the cheerleader tits just to make sure their suffering is complete.
Clearly, my demon muse was quite impressed. It's nice to be appreciated.


baby girl said...

excellent o.g. i love this!

mamacrow said...

also loved this!

oatmeal girl said...

oh goody!

no, really, it was great fun to write. thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...
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