Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Running wild

It was 71 degrees in Washington DC today.
There was a full moon a couple of nights ago.
I saw my demon muse Monday for the first time in 2 months.
And I suspect my hormones are running rampant.

I had a really bad case of spring fever today.

I'm surprised no one has killed me.

I couldn't think straight. My mind kept wandering off. I showered my demon muse with messages, which to some extent is part of my job, but I also sent inciting messages to all the doms I could think of. Which is ok, I'm sure they enjoyed it. I know that dominick did, and responded with a small piece of the seductively sadistic prose with which he is so cruelly stingy.

But then I went overboard, and sent a flirty message to the philosopher this morning and a shot of my naked tits this evening, having accidentally discovered how to crop my photos. It was actually a picture he took on his first visit, but vastly improved focusing down on the aforementioned features, as my face looks weird in that shot. Much more effective when presented as an ad for my perky nipples and pale pink aureoles. Ah, my poor sore red nipples. They've been worse though, and they will be again.

Anyway, please forgive me John - I know I'm supposed to leave you in peace and not try to distract you from your work. Just because I have spring fever, why should you suffer?

Just wait till April...

Bad kitten.

Luckily, my demon muse allowed me to cum for him tonight. Such lovely moans and sobs and gasps are waiting for him on his voice mail.

Happy kitten.


Paul said...

OG, isn't it just a little early for spring fever?
Still, if that's your madness!!!!
Warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

it's never too early for spring fever, Paul! give me a little sun and warmer air, and it's mating season.