Sunday, February 8, 2009

Naked to my self

I stood before the mirror
naked warm and rosy
glowing from my shower.

I looked at hair that waved
pre-Raphaelite and wild,
above those hard-tipped breasts.

I gazed back at my self
and smiled in happy wonder.
I smiled and said

"I love you."

and knew I truly meant it.
Thanks to all who helped me
have strength to truly mean it.

You know who you are.


Louise said...

Good morning girl, that's a wonderful present you gave yourself. Happy Birthday. *birthdaykisses*

Paul said...

OG, Happy Birthday dear girl, have a great one.
You are indeed beautiful, age really doesn't matter.
Warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

Yay! lovely :)
birthday kisses too! xxx

oatmeal girl said...

Thank you, my friends. I do feel beautiful and lovely and happy and strong. And very very lucky.