Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Time to Remember

Two years.

i am your kitten.
i was your slave.
i was your selkie.

but that's how it came out, didn't it?
a fateful form of he loves me, he loves me not,
sacrificing flowers to prognostication.
i hoped for kitten, and even selkie
but i didn't cheat.
slave scared me.
i didn't know then how darkness draws me.
i didn't know then that i would take anything.
butterflies, eggplant, and oatmeal box cameras
flowers and crosswords and patio haircuts
spankings and canings and sobbing and cumming
catnip and movies and sleeping in your arms.

i am your kitten.
i am your slave.
i am your selkie.

it's been two years.
and we creep our way forward
wary of avalanches
one day at a time.

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