Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Blog-iversary to me (to us?)

It's been a year.

A year since we started this blog.

A year since the philosopher and I started this blog with the craigslist ad that brought us together.

Oh, I've done all the just-for-the-blog writing, and had been considering it on my own for a while, but it was a joint project. He thought it would be good for me. And it has been. It was the major outlet for my writing until my demon muse came along and took possession of most of my words. It has given me someplace to mull over what this whole BDSM thing really means to me, what my submission means to me. And it has given me sympathetic ears during the various upheavals that have marked our relationship since shortly after we met and from the very beginning of this blog.

As I've said before, I'm not sure I can pin down where we are now with each other, and I have no idea where we are headed. But until I get bored, I'll be sharing selected snippets of my life with you here, and thank you all in advance for putting up with my histrionics.

I do hope that some of you lurkers and newcomers use this occasion to ome out from behind your trees and under your rocks and say hello. I'd especially love to hear from the Swedes, and from people in an around the DC area.


1) The philosopher sent me a lovely basket of teas and related items for my birthday. I cried so hard with happiness I could hardly get the ribbon off.

2) My demon muse was here this morning. He left me with some spectacular welts on my butt, and nipples like very dark raspberries. I cried hard from the pain... and then later. When he made me cum.


mina said...

Happy Blog-iversary!

mamacrow said...

Happy Blog-iverary, Happy Blog-iversary!

And PHEW, on reading the opening paragraphs I thought you were going to announce the end of the blog :-O

I'd respect that desicion, but I'm SO GLAD you're not!

M:e said...

How abot Swedes from the DC, just teasing and delurking.

Happy Blog-iversary.

love and hugs xxx

Louise said...

Congratulations dear, you're a gem and so is the blog. It's been a joy to follow your journey (and very frustrating at times too!). Love and hugs.

Paul said...

OG, Happy Blog-iversary, Happy Blog-iversary.
Your writing is a gift and your histrionics are almost Shakespearean.
You are indeed talented, thank you for sharing.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

I'm not really anon, just can't figure out how to sign in.

Love your writing. I have been lurking from the mountains of Va, wondering what the city life would be like.


oatmeal girl said...

mina - thanks! (and I'm keeping an eye out for health reports over on your blog.)

mamacrow - were you singing?! and no, i'm not ending it. i need the outlet.

M:e - hey! thanks for saying hello. (and i forgot to add a shout out to the Welsh - another of my many temporary identities.)

Louise - thanks, sweetie. You're always so supportive. hope you're doing well.

Paul - what is it with you Brits. are YOU singing too?! As for my _almost_ Shakespearean histrionics... what do i have to do to go the next step? poison? drowning? suffocation by an undeservedly jealous husband? hmm... so many possibilities... and the soap opera goes on.

Hi, James! Thanks for saying hello. It helps to have a google e-mail account if you don't already have one, preferably with a pseudonym (i'm not sure where your problem starts so i'm beginning with the basics.) be logged in to THAT account when you hit the blogs. if you want to leave a comment, it may automatically recognize you, or else choose Google/Blogger as your identity. And if nothing else, just go anon and sign James so we know it's you. As for city life.. well, you know... there are an awful lot of politicans...