Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

60 years.

Doesn't feel like it. Only if I add up all the different lives I have had does it begin to feel persuasive.

I still feel confused every time I look in the mirror.

But I remember being on a Code Pink march against the war in Iraq. Very early on in the war in Iraq. Talk about things being a long time ago... So we're on this march, heading down through Dupont Circle, and this chant goes up:
Tell me what democracy looks like.
This is what democracy looks like.
And I look in the mirror at my thick titian hair and ridiculously perky nipples and think: Yup. This is what 60 looks like.

And how does a 60-year old with wild titian hair and embarrassingly perky nipples spend her birthday? Well, M-- and the rest of the gang are taking me to dinner at our favorite restaurant for family outings. But I may have to sit down very carefully.

Because I usually go home for lunch. And today, my demon muse will be meeting me there.

I don't think I'll be doing much eating.


David said...

Happy Birthday OG, best wishes for such a momentous occasion, sounds like you have a great day outlined ahead. Embarrassingly perky? I think that your described them as startling.

Interestingly, the word verification for this comment is simply fully

Have a fully enjoyable birthday.

Isabella Snow said...

Happy Birthday! (Sorry, thought it was the other day and I'd missed it!) And whats wrong with perky nipples?? Have fun today!

mamacrow said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! And many more :)

oatmeal girl said...

Thank you, David. And there are all sorts of words to describe my nipples. My demon muse says I have the tits of a teenage cheerleader. if that doesn't make a girl feel good on her 60th birthday, what does?

Oh, well, the kisses did...

Isabella - thank you, my new friend. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with perky nipples per se. They should be standard equipment for all 60 year olds. Then they wouldn't be embarrassing.

Oh mamacrow, you do always make me smile. I expect to hear you break into song next!

It was a very happy day. And now it's time to go with my wild life.

mamacrow said...

well, I nearly serenaded you with one of my kid's faves - happy birthday to you, you live in the zoo, you look like a monkey.... and you smell like one too!

but I wasn't entirely sure how much you'd appreciate that! :-D

Anonymous said...

I'm late but Happy Birthday. As you are much younger than I, I can assure you the best is yet to come.

My wife just turned 66, and she has perky nipples and the breasts to go with them. Her pussy is as tight as when I married her, and she squeezes my dick when she cums.

I once dated a woman who wanted to be dominated, spanked, fucked in the ass, nipples twisted and bitten, pussy filled with various objects, and electrical probes attached to her body. I tried to accommodate her, but even though I knew it was what she wanted and that it gave her pleasure, it was too difficult for me to hurt her.

I think I was afraid, too. Afraid I would become something I couldn't control.

We parted as friends, and I think of her often.