Sunday, August 30, 2009

Asked and granted

May I, Master?
Yes my pet. Only if.
Requirements noted.

I nearly cum at the thought of cumming.

Watch the time
Do my chores.
E-mail that it's time to start.

Naked between the freshly-washed sheets.
Naked but for hot pink cotton panties.
Prosaic panties, except they're hot pink.
Naked, pale, wet, needy.

My finger
that might be your finger.
My finger, your finger,
stroking my clitoris.
My nails
that should be your nails.
My nails, your nails,
piercing my nipples,
making me tipsy with nausea.
My vibrator
that might, well, you know,
my vibrator
filling my pussy,
gripped by my pussy
teasing my clitoris
to images
cruel images
such evil, cruel images
memories of canings
memories of pain
memories of screams
memories of submission
fantasies of worse
visions of ass rape
thoughts of your pleasure
everything focused
on giving you pleasure
cumming and crying
and flooded with pleasure

then sleep

and report.

I describe the whole thing
as my cunt swells and floods
and my womb's in convulsions -
I'm horny as hell
but I'll just
have to wait
till the next time.

There's a beauty to rationing,
when cumming is treasured
like war-time chocolate bars.

Please, Sir...
if I'm very, very good...
may I have another one?


Paul said...

OG, you never hit a low point, your writing is always beautiful, thank you.
Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

really loved this :)

nancy said...

lovley.. just wonderful.
Love the war-time chocolate bar mention~~just as precious and delicious!