Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crawling towards the pain

Naked, I crawl across the floor. He walks backwards, before me, holding his hand out, dangling something just out of reach. I keep coming for it, begging for it, the more he teases me with it the more I want it.

He won't let me have,
he says it's not for me,
and yet he dangles it there.
I hunger for it,
as if it were

Chocolate would make my mouth water.
This makes my cunt water.

I can't have it,
so it draws me like chocolate.
It isn't chocolate.
I can't have it,
because it's hot peppers.
It will burn me.

He won't let me have.
He makes me want it.
I'm not sure,
I'm truly not sure
if he wants me to want it,
if he wants me to have it.

He is training me to beg for the pain.


nancy said...

Don't we always want what is just out of reach, that which appears so tempting but so unavailable?

It sounds as if he has you just where he want..crawling towards that scary pain.

Enjoy that slippery path!

Paul said...

OG, this reminds me a little of the old masochist and sadist joke. "beat me says the masochist, no says the sadist."
Of course your Sadist is more complex than that, but----
Love and warm hugs,