Thursday, August 20, 2009

A good girl gets better

Suddenly, mid-morning, I took a turn for the better. By next week I'll be serving my Master again. My very sensible Master, who doesn't want to get sick despite how much he wanted me this week. My very sensible Master, who wants to get the most out of me when he does see me.

I wonder what mood he will be in at my next lesson...

I know he will be very hungry.
He will demand a lot of me.
I will have to serve his cock.
I love to serve his cock.
He will push me face forward into the wall.
He will press himself into my ass.
I will tilt it back, that plump and tasty ass,
I will tilt it back and rub back into him.
He will grab my hair at the nape of my neck.
He will pull my head back and to the side.
He will sink his teeth into my neck.
He will press his hand against my throat.
He will steal my breath.
He will twist my nipples.
He will bathe in my screams.
He will turn me around.
He will demand my mouth.
He will drug me with his kisses.
He will order me to kneel before his chair.
He will take off his clothes.
He will expect me to please him.

I will.


Kirsty said...

First, Hi...i'm a 'nilla. I've been lurking on and off...I'm slowly unmasking. Have a deep curiosity about bdsm, finding my inner kink. But a lesbian w/a spouse/partner of 31 years, I'm stuck in a nilla lifestyle, living out my kink fantasies via blogs like yours.

Wow! erotic and inspiring writing, o.g.!

And being the nosey nilla-slut I am, I wonder if your Dom is older or younger than you (I'm 50 btw, and JUST finding my inner kink...)

Thanks so much for your wonderful posts, and I'll be coming back and reading your archives.

mamacrow said...

ooooo! can't wait can't wait can't wait! (I would be jumping up and down but that would be inadvisable)

and Hi Kirsty!

Paul said...

OG, of course you will, was there ever any doubt.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

What a wonderful weekend of waiting you will question!

The waiting is hard.. but the result.. so wonderful.
Glad you are so much better~!

pixie pie said...

sigh...i just really loved this post.

oatmeal girl said...

Kirsty - thanks for coming out from behind your lamp pole or tree or wherever you've been hiding while lurking. And first let me say wow! I admire anyone who can be in a relationship for 31 years, especially considering how long-term gay relationship are hampered in this country.

By the way, there will be a National Equality March on Washington, December 10-11. Their website is and they are also on facebook.

OK, that's it for politics for the moment.

That's for the kind words about my writing. Blogs helped me a lot in my journey (we do all use that word...) so I'm glad to pass it on.

Being bi, I wonder if I might have had better luck finding a lesbian relationship if I'd realized I was submissive and figured out that i needed a woman to dominate me. I don't know... I wonder if my needs as a submissive are particularly tied to men, whereas with women I was looking for an egalitarian relationship... except that really I wanted someone to take care of me. Psychology of BDSM, like all psychology, can be very complex.

My Master is in his early 50s, but at our age anything less than 10-15 years shouldn't make that big a difference. He is also very large and has an incredible innate dominance. He breathes it out like a dragon breathes fire. The philosopher, my first, is 22 years younger than me. Again, he is much taller than me, though with a sweetness that is readily revealed. The only times I was really aware of the age difference was when I'd talk of something and realize that it happened shortly before he was born...

Do you two ever share erotica? There are certainly plenty of kinky stories mixed into any collection of lesbian smut. you could share a favorite and see how she reacts. (Easy for me to say, I kept all my collections of erotica hidden during my long 2nd heterosexual marriage.)

mamacrow - yes, I gather you should be careful about jumping up and down. Perhaps I should dial back my writing, I don't want to get you too excited...

Paul - Sometimes... I know this is presumptuous but still... sometimes I think I please him by my very existence, and by the fact that I am his. A thought which fills me with awe. He said some very moving things to me yesterday.

nancy - I find I have changed, and the waiting is no longer that hard - just as I am content with being deprived of orgasms. And there will definitely be no orgasms for me until I serve him next.

pixie pie - it's always such a pleasant surprise when you pop up here. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and hope you're doing well.