Saturday, August 15, 2009

He says he has plans for me

Yes, I'm back.

Happy, hot, and tired, and facing a mountain of dirty laundry. Nothing all that sexy about dirty laundry unless one's Master is standing there with flogger in hand, supervising his pet as she runs one load after another wearing nothing but the tracks of her arousal as it drips down the insides of her thighs.

No such luck. The only supervision I'm receiving is from a pair of cautious cats, who took their revenge on me for my absence by pretending they didn't know me when I returned.

The sadist, meanwhile, sent a short message, in which he addressed me as angel and said he has plans for me.

I'll submit to anything when he calls me angel.

I'll submit to anything in any case.

Eventually - and we all know this - I will submit to whatever he wants.

The thing is, though... as I wrote the previous sentence, I suddenly realized that part 0f my Master's cleverness, and part of his grand plan, is to not require my submission until he knows that he will get it. This avoids the embarrassment of having his pet rise up in rebellion while reinforcing my submission by never giving me the experience of refusal. That doesn't guarantee that I won't have a bad reaction, which I have occasionally been known to do. But since the sundering of our relationship last December (thankfully, a situation that lasted only a bit more than a month), the sadist has been very serious about making adjustments to his plans in order to insure my continued compliance. This is not at all a sign of weakness, but rather a tribute to his manipulative skills. Every adjustment he makes pulls the chain tighter around my neck and wedges it more deeply into my cunt.

I have no idea what his plans are, but just knowing that he has them is enough to make me feel very small and very submissive and very, very owned.

And for that alone, it's good to be back.


Paul said...

OG, good to have a much aroused OG back, this adds spice to my reading.
Awaiting your further adventure into submission with bated breath.
Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

yay! glad you had a good time!

'I'll submit to anything when he calls me angel.'

well blimey, so would I.

nancy said...

Welcome home.
Enjoy the anticipation of his plans!

charlie said...

I understand what it is to come home after a vacation-emptying the car and the laundry. But usually it is with a tired smile from a good time. Wish my ex-Jewish-wife was submissive, maybe that is one reason why she is an ex for this Jewish dentist.

oatmeal girl said...

Thank you for the welcome, Paul. And I, too, am holding my breath as I wait for what the sadist has in store for me. I love the way he uses these little hints as an medium of control. He tortures me with them, too. Some sort of kinky version of the EPA (Environmental Protective Agency) largely protects me from the beast, but the sadist has other ways to torture me.

mamacrow - you most certainly would submit. He would have you begging him to do his worst.

nancy - thanks. It is all part of his plan, the way he manipulates me. He doesn't want to take by force. He wants me to offer. It is sweeter for him that way, more satisfying, a tribute to his power. And so he gradually, gently (yes, really) steers me to want whatever he has in mind for me, without knowing what he has in mind for me, only knowing that it is something his sadism will delight in.

charlie - welcome, and thank you for bothering to leave a calling card. I hope that now both you and your ex-wife can find what suits you each better. I must admit that the idea of being in the chair of a dominant dentist, whether or not a sadistic one, is rather scary, and feeds into a fountain of fantasies. It's the idea of being in the chair... with the push of a button my limbs are bound... my clothes are cut away... does pain follow or merely rape? Very ordinary fantasies, but compelling nevertheless. Do you play with them?

charlie said...

The dental chair is a wonderful place to play. I would love to introduce you to the setting....

oatmeal girl said...

Except that I never play.

I submit.
And very seriously.
I'm much to intense for anything else.