Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Master's Mark

He branded me.
Not with his initial in red-hot iron.
But with his teeth.
He left his mark on the back of my neck with his teeth.

I'm going on vacation.
We're both - we're each - going on vacation.

I'm leaving town early Saturday morning and will return a week later. I'll actually have my laptop with me, and even wireless Internet access, but only in one place and with limited privacy and limited time. And sexy blogs are blocked. Besides, my goal is to play music most of the time. And hang out with my friends. Not live in my head and through an electronic connection with my secret, sadistic Master.

My Master who may also be away part of the time.
My Master, who will be able to read my e-mails
but perhaps not be able to answer.
My Master, who wants to be sure
I know who owns me.

I know who owns me.

And now he has left his mark.

He arrived just before noon. As required, I met him at the door, this time still wearing my panties (white) and bra (also white). He passed his eyes over me quickly, and then ordered me down to the dungeon and against the wall.

He came up behind me, as he often does. He pressed himself into my white-cotton covered ass as I pushed back towards him. He ground himself into me as I fanned the flames of his lust with words I knew would excite him. This is my job, and I've learned to do it well.

And then he took hold of my long dark red hair, wrapping it around his fist. He pulled it up on top of my head, and then deliberately - I could tell without seeing how deliberate it was - he sank his teeth into the back of my neck. And he bit. And kept on biting.

If the photo reproduces the way it shows on my computer, dark and intense, you can see his tooth marks. A little more, and I would have bled.

I wish he had drawn blood.
I wish he had taken my blood the way he takes my breath.

I knew exactly what he was doing, even as it was happening.
And after he left, I confirmed my suspicions.
A dark, red mark of the beast on the back of my neck.
I had expected to wear my hair up while away.
In the heat, or when playing music, I thought I'd put my hair up.

Not a chance.

My Master branded me.

And I don't need to parade his mark to be reminded that it is there. I will never forget that it is there, nor will I forget that I am his. Not for one minute.

Besides, he gave me an assignment for while I am gone. A very challenging performance piece to create before I leave, and which I must practice in bed every night while I am gone.

He knows I have trouble remembering things. So he put me over his knee and spanked me to be sure I would remember. He put me over his knee and spanked me and left me with a pair of beautifully rosy ass cheeks and a pain deep in the muscles.

So many souvenirs...
a mark on the back of my neck
a sore, rosy butt
the taste of his mouth in mine
a burning in my tender nipples
and the memory of his fingers dancing lightly over my clitoris.

I love you, my Master.
I love you and I'll miss you.

And now I get to masturbate...


Paul said...

OG, so glad that your Master gave you reminders of him to take away with you.
Have a wonderful break.
Love and warm hugs,

naughtyinaustin said...

it's great to see you in such a good place.

oatmeal girl said...

Paul, my Master takes the responsibilities of ownership very seriously. Everything goes towards my training, towards making me into an artistic pet who can properly serve those needs he has assigned to me.

naughty, it's great to see you in THIS place! And yes, I AM in a good place. It feels as if there has been some sort of shift... or maybe I'm feeling more confident in our relationship as time goes on, and getting more of a feel for it.

I am very happy, and more and more he is making me into what I was meant to be.

(PS - I'm truly sorry that the photo doesn't give you an accurate picture of the mark he left. It is much darker, much fiercer, and you can see distinct tooth marks. It is frightening and beautiful - if he had wanted to, he could have bitten out a piece. But he didn't. He just left his mark. He always knows what is enough - and always leaves me wanting more.)

Nancy said...

No matter that the picture isn't perfect... your words made it all the darker.
Enjoy your delicious secret as well as your vacation~!

mamacrow said...

wow! enjoy your vacation :D

oatmeal girl said...

Alas, the mark is fading all too soon. And you know, I didn't feel there was anything dark about his leaving it there. maybe it was because he put it in a hidden place. Like a message between us, a code, an electronic implant that would radio our connection back and forth over the miles.

OK, I admit it, I'm a romantic, and this isn't a romantic relationship. But it IS a relationship, the bonds have grown stronger and more set, and I will feel him with me the whole time.

Thank you, mamacrow, I will indeed. On many levels.