Monday, August 31, 2009

Fondling fingers

Tomorrow, September 1st, it will have been one year since I begged the sadist to allow me to serve him.

Having no idea what that truly would mean.
Having no idea how much he would demand of me.
Having no idea how much he would give me.

These days, something has happened to the bond between us... I feel his presence... at odd moments I feel his presence... not just a sense of him... I feel him touching me. At odd moments, I will feel him touching me, and my body will react... some of the things I feel, I can't even tell you... they refer to private matters between just the two of us... but then I feel him touching me... I feel his fingers fondling my cunt... and inside... I start to pulse... and then my little puckered butt hole starts to convulse, squeezing and releasing as if performing some anal version of Kegel exercises... and then my womb contracts... again and again... and I start writhing... writhing as I am right now in my chair... and the little moans that he loves so much... the little moans that ride on my breath... there they are, slipping out of my throat...

I am yours, my Lord.
I am yours.

And right now,
right this moment,
I feel your fingertips
dancing over my cunt.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! I am very happy for you both. I met my Master 51 weeks ago and, like you, I had no idea what could happen over the course of one wonderful, scary and exciting year. Congratulations, my dear.

Miss A

Paul said...

OG, happy anniversary.
You continue to enthral.
Love and warm hugs,

Mr Upton Ogood said...

Well, since my today is your tomorrow, best wishes on your anniversary.

Upton Ogood

mamacrow said...

Happy Anniversary OG xxxx

oatmeal girl said...

Why Miss A, thank you so much for the anniversary wishes. And mine to you, a week in advance. Isn't it glorious?!!

Paul, you are so sweet. I'm glad I continue to enthrall, but I have the feeling I should start offering a few more naughty tidbits (or tit bits? tit bites, maybe) to amuse those in need of a more lascivious meal.

And thanks to you, too, Mr. Ogood. I wish I had some appropriate sort of anniversary cake to share with you all. Plenty of whipped cream and burning hot fudge? You may all take turns scalding my breasts with the chocolate and licking the cream out of my cunt. Of course, my Master will want to watch.

There couldn't be a party without you, mamacrow.

Thanks to you all.

I am one very happy pet.

nancy said...

Happy anniversary!
I love reading about your journey.

It's easy to see you are indeed very happy.

mamacrow said...

'There couldn't be a party without you, mamacrow.'

aw! thanks OG! Shame it isn't a hallowe'en party, I'm round enough to be a pumpkin :D