Friday, August 7, 2009

Even pets need a vacation

Last words before I close up shop for the next week. Time for the writer to morph into a musician.

I'm happy about going off to camp, even with the prospect of much reduced contact with the sadist while I'm gone. I think that's because I feel so secure in our relationship. It may not be a standard relationship as far as the rest of the world goes - or even an approved-of relationship. But it's ours and it works and I no longer doubt it. I'm never quite sure where he's taking me on this journey, what the next step will be, but I do know he enjoys taking me there.

I won't be able to post to this blog (or any others of dubious morality) while I am gone, but I will receive your comments by e-mail. If you're relatively new, you may amuse yourselves by going back to the beginning to see how I came to this point. And yes, I do see and appreciate comments on old posts.

Have a great week, all of you - and treasure everything that is good in your lives.

1 comment:

Paul said...

OG, have a wonderfully harmonious week.
Return to us refreshed and recreated as far as your Master will allow.
Love and warm hugs,