Sunday, September 20, 2009

Into the new year

Sometimes, this isn't the place where I need to be.

But the place I've been the last few days has been good. Synagogue, mostly, for the 2 days of Rosh Hashanah. A good place for thinking over the last year and pondering the possibilities for the next. A good place to embrace what I've become, to thank the person who gave me so much, and to think of how I can in some small way repay him for his faith and patience and inspiration and affection.

Damn. I shouldn't be writing this while watching the really boring Emmy awards...

As a little sneak peek at what may be to come... out of the blue I got a message from a man who contacted me 2-1/2 years ago in response to the same craigslist post that brought me the philosopher and dominick. We corresponded for a few months and then for no good reason except for perhaps miscommunication - oh, and the fact that I was in love with the philosopher - things fizzled. And now? I suspect we'll have a little adventure. Which would be pleasant to fill in the spaces.

Meanwhile... back to the ironing. The Emmys are very good for ironing and putting pills in boxes labeled for each day. The show is largely so boring that I'm not worried about missing anything. Still, just as with us as we begin a new year, there is always the chance for improvement.


cutesypah said...

here's to the new year, and new possibilities.


Paul said...

OG, I hope that the new year brings you all that you need and much that you desire.
Love and warm hugs,