Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At a loss

Can you imagine?

It has been a year.
A year ago, I asked him
A year ago, I begged him
I asked if I might serve him.
And he said - of course.

It's easy enough to go back and read the history, all the ups and downs, all the hints at this and that. Of course, there are things I haven't told and never will, and now the plans he waggles before me, like feathers at the end of a stick dangled above the head of a cat, always just out of reach no matter how high she jumps.

He has a new plan for me, which sounds as if it will be hatched sooner than the gang rape in the storeroom above the biker/thug bar. I am happy with the new plan. I am happy at the thought of proving my obedience.

There isn't much more to say. He was here last Friday lunchtime, after a 3-week absence, and I have given him my schedule in hopes of his setting a time for a project involving a few hours together.

I am happy.

Not a very titillating statement, but there it is.

Perhaps I need to write some smut for you all. Just for a change from all this sentimental contentedness.



Paul said...

OG, I have followed your adventure both faithfully and with admiration.
I can live without smut from you, and anyway, even your smut is poetry.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

Happiness must not be undervalued,OG!
I'm happy for you ~
And speechless you are most certainly not.

mamacrow said...

oooo I do hope you get several hours together soon!

reading about sentimental contentment is awesome. the only way you could better that is by writing about sentimental contentment AND smut ;-)