Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In a comment on Sunday's post Presenting the merchandise, Florida Dom wrote:
Like Paul, I might be selfish and want you all to myself but I understand that it will deepen your submission to your Master when he decides to share you.
The curious thing is that it's the other way around. As my submission deepens, as the sadist draws me further and further into willing acceptance of his most manipulative and challenging plans, I yearn to cooperate in activities that, when first broached, excited me on a fantasy level but left me extremely nervous when I contemplated actually obeying his orders. There's a floating sensation to it. My submission is a stream, and I give myself to its gentle flow as it carries me ever closer to the waterfall that will catapult me into my delicious doom.
It also sounds like he enjoys keeping you waiting. I assume it only builds the anticipation. Just thinking about it must keep you wet all the time.
Yes, he likes to keep me waiting, but he also enjoys the long, detailed planning process for its own sake. He keeps me so aroused that it is painful. As for him... think of it as an embroidery project, and imagine the delight of seeing the picture take form as one stitch after another is added to the cloth. And then picture the moist stains that sink into the colored floss, from his desire and mine.


sephanipaige said...

suitably named, you know. Submission and metaphor...you twist words with an ease that both astounds me and draws me further into your world. You make me want to be a better writer...thank you!

your imagery of the tapestry was perfect!

Paul said...

OG, someone else who has fallen in love with your writing, who can blame her.
I love the tapestry metaphor, very apt, and from what you have written of your Sadist's attention to detail, it suits him.
I also love the symbolism of submission as a stream, the wilder the stream the less control you wish to wield.
I hope for a deep pool at the bottom of the waterfall, and not rocks.
While you wish to give your all, in a perfect submissive moment.
Your Sadist and us, your friends and admirers, would not mind seeing you battered and bruised, but we would prefer to see you whole and still capable of putting pen to paper, or indeed fingers to keyboard.
Yes, very selfish of us, but then we are only human.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

Isn't it interesting how things once thought out of your normal scope become possible when the stream flows more freely.

Thanks for putting it into such eloquent words

Florida Dom said...

Thanks for commenting on the things I said. I really thought your post had a lot of insights. As Paul said, your tapestry metaphor was well done as well as the comparison of submission to a stream.

And the fact he can keep you so aroused that it's painful shows how he knows how to bring your submission to a new level. I hope you both enjoy the journey.