Monday, December 28, 2009

Embracing the chain

burning links
wrapped around my neck
draped between my breasts
laced across my belly
pushed into butt crack
up between labia
forced into pussy
lodged atop clitoris
and then
with a hard tug
locked into place.
i am wrapped.
i am bound.
i am burning.
i am glowing.
my love and desire
flow from my cunt,
glazing the steel
that binds me to you.

PS - Thanks to all of you who have stayed with me
as I learn and grow and flourish in my submission.
I follow the road, sometimes wandering off the path,
but always eager to know what is beyond the next bend.


worm said...

You are my favorite "thing" on the internet these days. Thanks for letting me follow you!

nancy said...

Chains -- i do love them! Going to Home Depot just about makes my day.. when I get to wander around the chain section~
Lovely post.. thank you as always

Paul said...

OG, it's always a pleasure to follow you, though sometimes I don't know what to expect.
But there is always beauty.
Love and warm hugs,

charlie said...

the feel of chains, and the locking of the lock- oh baby!