Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pale and pure

Two feet of snow.
We really did get two feet of snow.

It started Friday evening, and went straight through Saturday.

I wanted to go outside and dance naked in my backyard.

I wanted to set up my camera and take pictures of myself lying in the snow, pressing the snow into my rapidly freezing cunt, still adorned with the small red curls whose destruction has been decreed.

I wanted to roll over and bury my breasts in the frigid white expanse. I wanted to melt the snow with my heat even as the snow's cold contracted my nipples into dark red knobs of frozen, tortured flesh, so that I could photograph them for my Master.

For my sadistic Master's pleasure.

I wished he were with me.

I wished he were there and had ordered me out into the back yard.

I could feel the cold searing my bare feet as I made my way through the falling snow. I could feel his eyes scarring my skin, pale as the snow itself, as he watched from behind the dining room's picture window. I could feel his satisfaction as he watched my obedience, as I walked up to the large tree and embraced the rough bark.

I could hear the door close, I could hear his boots shushing their way through the powdery snow that covered the back patio. I could feel his heat draw nearer... the heat of his lust... the heat of his need... the heat of his sadism...

He wants to hurt me.
He needs to hurt me.
This part is true.
He wants to badly hurt me.

But yesterday...

I knew what he would have wanted.
So I felt it.

I felt him push me hard against the tree.
I felt him use icy chains
to link my hands around the far side of
a tree much wider than my reach.
I felt him reach between my body and the tree.
I felt him twist my nipples so hard
I thought they would come off.
I heard him step back.
I felt the lashes of the flogger
turn my snow pale buttocks
to holly berry red.

I heard my cries ring through the neighborhood.

I felt the honey freeze as it dripped from my cunt down my thighs.
I felt his hand close around my neck.
I heard myself gurgle as he cut off my air.

I started to float away.

And then we were back in the dungeon and I was down on my knees and his cock was in my mouth and his body was moaning and I was naked and shivering and thinking of nothing but my Master's needs.

Thoughts with which to pass a snowy day.

Today, when the snow stopped, and the sun came out, I went out and shoveled for hours. But first, I took pictures. Including this one, of the pale virgin snow in my yard.

If he had been here, he would have ordered me to crawl
back and forth across the field of white.

Because he loves to watch me crawl.
And because he loves to watch me obey.

He knows I will obey.
He owns me.
He has trained me.
he continues to train me.
And my only desire is his pleasure.

1 comment:

Paul said...

OG, of course he wants to hurt you, come out with poetry like this, even I want to hurt you, and I'm no sadist.
Flogging you in the snow, fire and ice.
If pain begets beauty, then your Sadist needs to be encouraged to go even further, imagine the possible masterpieces then.
Love and warm hugs,