Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Good girl"

They're better than a gold star,
these two sweet words presented
as a sign of satisfaction
mixed with quite a bit of pride.
I am his creation,
so performance that is pleasing
signifies his own success
at least as much as mine.

These two sweet words he gives me
gently outshine any other gift,
except perhaps those three dear words
that I will never hear.
But there are many kinds of iron
chains and silken ropes that bind
two people in a complex web
with beauty all its own.

And so I take those words of praise,
that say how much he treasures me,
and press them to my lips and breasts
when I lay down to sleep.
A year ago we parted,
but we couldn't stay apart. So now
I am his precious poet whore
curled naked at his feet.


Luna Mauvaise said...

I like Bad Girl better. ;)

But a Good Girl always warms the heart. Lovely piece.

Melissa said...

Oh yes, indeed...those two little words carry such wonderful feelings. Everytime I hear "good girl", whether it's within a scene or just in daily life, they make me feel good. Appreciated, wanted. I remember that moment for days. Two little four letter words go so far.....

baby girl said...

yes. those two words have a powerful effect on me as well. so do luna mauvaise's preferred "bad girl" for that matter. but in an entirely different way. ;-)

Florida Dom said...

How thoughtful that he tells you a good girl. I can imagine you love to hear those words from him and knowing that you please him.


Paul said...

OG, really liked to say good girl also, rewards are important.
When you don't arouse me, I'll be as good as dead.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

A " good girl" warms my heart as well.. I'm glad you get that from him.