Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a piece of ass

i'm sensing my holes.
i am my holes.
open spaces.
tender places.
voids to be filled.

they beg for pain.
i'm needing pain.
i need it sharp.
spurring tears
i cry at your feet.

tear me down.
push me down.
make me drown
in submission,
in debasement
as you use me
as you share me
as you teach me
that i'm nothing

but yours.

i am yours.

and that's enough.


baby girl said...

"nothing but yours." lovely.

speaking of a piece of ass...i've gone and posted a pic of mine on my blog for all to see. perhaps i'm a bit of an exhibitionist after all? ;-)

Paul said...

OG, yes that will do nicely.
Love and warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

baby girl - it is a truly darling picture of your ass. and lovely, frilly panties which would have pleased the philosopher quite thoroughly if only they were pink.

Paul - I'm glad to have pleased you. And hope I aroused you. I'm feeling rather provocative these days. The revenge of the submissive...