Thursday, March 25, 2010

He left me no protection

i am feeling very soft.
i am feeling very bare.
i am left without protection.
naked, revealed,
exquisitely vulnerable,
stripped of much more than
a patch of scraggly hair.

i am wide open,
everything is visible,
heart, lungs,
veins, colon,
all the little scars of
a long and varied life.
heart. most of all.
and soft.
everything feels soft.

i am so very, very vulnerable.

it was like a ritual.
it was transforming.

i don't think i will give you the details. i can list this and that, but you won't understand. it was a ritual, an offering, think perhaps of circumcision as part of the covenant. i remove this, because you command it, and i offer it to you as a sign of my commitment, as a sign of my acceptance, as a sign of my faith. i make this small sacrifice, and then something changes.

something did change.

one by one, he creates for me these rituals, and by each i am changed. he leads me slowly down the path of his worship, i fall before his altar, i strip off my armor and offer my body and offer my soul.

and he called me angel.
he called me Angel.

Saturday he will come
and i will softly yield.

i am so soft...
i am a cloud...
i am his angel...

i am his.


worm said...

Ohhhhhh O.G., you ARE soft, I can feel it all the way over here!!!

I dreaded shaving my pubic hair for a long time, largely 'cause I hate shaving anything and also 'cause I didn't want to look like a little girl. Surprise! I don't :) I look like a woman with a shaved vulva. And aside from the pleasurable effects, I am also more familiar with how I 'look' and that is awesome too!

You certainly sound like you are floating on a cloud after He called you an Angel ;) By golly, you've earned that!!

charlie said...

You sound like your ready for the ritual that master has in store for you. You did as instructed. I can only imagine that shave vulnerable pussy- ready to accept master's desires (his not yours)wants and needs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is lovely:

"i am so soft...
i am a cloud...
i am his angel...

i am his."

Exquisite, dear OG. Just exquisite, and reflective, surely, of an exquisite state of mind and body and soul and heart.

Paul said...

OG, you are so much further on the path than I imagined.
No shame, no humiliation, just beauty, I'm not surprised He called you angel, well earned.
Love and warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

worm - actually, I look like I have diaper rash from my clitoris halfway up to my navel, as well as in the creases between my thighs and the pubic parts and on the insides of my upper thighs. Not at all sexy. Maybe now he will beieve what I said about not being made for shaving. I sure hope so. Or maybe hell enjoy the diaper rash. As long as I'm suffering, he will be pleased.

charlie - in this case, what is to come will not be a ritual. The whole process of preparation and shaving, though, was very rich in meaning, very intimate, and very uniting. It was far more than just doing as I was instructed. It was his requirement, yes, but then it was HOW I performed it, what I gave him... and oh, what I gave him was so much more than just the removal of those few hairs. It was all that which pleased him so, and which makes our relationship so rich.

jcn - he called me his angel. he does not do that often. It always holds a special meaning. I feel it... and for this I would do anything. Not just because he is my master, but because he is who he is. I do more than obey. I offer him my submission and my suffering. Freely. Each time. I beg him to hurt me because I want to please him, I want to fulfill his needs. Never because I must. Except for that when you love someone, you must give him what he needs, because you can, and because you... no, because I know that from me, from me because I do not love the pain, from me it is a very special and highly treasured gift.

This is love. And this is real. This is not an erotic game. And it is needs the way food and water and oxygen are needs.

When the man you love is gasping for breath, you give him your own. Even if he must strangle you to take it.

Paul - thank you. It is a slow and well-planned path, to which there is no end. There is always more for me to learn.