Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Coming soon: Daddy shares his toys

Well, one toy anyway.
A very special one.
His treasure.

There has been an agreement in principle.
Now, as the sadist says, it's all a matter of logistics.
Coordinating availability.
Gathering the cast members,
preparing the set,
while the fiend puts the finishing touches on the script.
He will be writer, director, producer, and audience.

And me?

I guess you could say I'll be the prop.
Used by everyone.
Passed from hand to hand,
from mouth to mouth,
from cock to cock.
Appetizer, entertainment, and dessert.

There are, of course, details I don't know. Is he talking about the one friend? The one who will give me pleasure for my Master's pleasure? Or the more difficult event, with two or more, at which even with the sadist's safeguards, I will suffer as I embrace my objectification. For me, even a small amount of pain put me in that place, and although the torment will come from people I don't know - especially because it will come from people I don't know - I will yield to it in perfect surrender.

Whatever you want, Daddy.
Do to me whatever you want.
Watch them.
Watch me.
I will give you what you've been waiting for.
And I will make you very proud.


Anonymous said...

"...I will suffer as I embrace my objectification" along with "(a)nd I will make you very proud" seem to sum it up amazingly. Exciting, arousing, and, I suspect, scay! - jcn

Liras said...

Oh my my. Your eagerness and obedience are things that cause awe!