Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Shapeshifter

Seductive whispers salt the night with fear.
Come to me...
Stay away!
Bare your breasts...
Flee my claws!
Offer me your pulsing throat
but don't expect romance and kisses.
I'll tear your flesh, devour your life.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
locked in a lethal lover's quarrel,
good and evil, both alluring,
battle for his soul and mine.
"My name is Beast and I am a sadist."
What do you say
when the one you love
must warn you away from himself?
What do you do
when you look in his eyes
and see the hungry crimson glow
and feel him changing in your arms
from wolf to serpent,
from tiger to shark?

I am his treasure.
I am his pet.
The warning is posted throughout the town.
Predators roam the streets.
Keep your cats safely indoors or
coyotes will eat them for breakfast.


Liras said...

Aaaaah. You find a way to soothe the savage beast by sacrificing skin blood, tears and song. When the dawn breaks and the man awakens, show him your bruises and remind him it was not just a fever dream.

oatmeal girl said...

Oh dear. In exploring the issue through poetry, I'm afraid I made it sound much more romantic than it really is. I'm not talking about the bruises that remain after a night of pain and passion. I'm talking about the much more serious fears of a true sadist. He takes out on his masochist slave his sometimes barely controllable desire to torture me, but is afraid that one day he won't be able to stop himself, causing great damage to my body, my soul, and our relationship. He struggles mightily and warns me periodically that he TRIES to protect me but cannot guarantee that the dam will always hold. It's been an issue since very early on, and he is afraid that I don't take the danger seriously enough.

Paul said...

OG, people who live on the slopes of a volcano, do learn to relax.
So I suggest, if you can, keep your reflexes honed, I believe your sadist would give you the same advise.
Love and warm hugs,

MrJ said...

Classical Advice: Look the Beast into His eyes.

Liras said...

I do love that you couch it in romantic language but yes, I believe you when you say 'beast'. You did not say 'fluffy lovable kitty'.

I was of the mind that you are well aware of the hurt that can come from sadism. I also think that you are not so petrified you are fleeing or at the very least,not afraid to start descending down to the depths.

You will handle it, as you go forward. As you have been doing.

Inherent in all relationships is destruction.

J'ai confiance en toi, ma chéri.