Friday, December 10, 2010

Serving his friends - details emerge

He calls them my boyfriends, these men to whom he is offering me.
People within his sphere of influence, he said.
Me, I sometimes just call them his friends.

This evening, he had dinner with the one probably next in line to enjoy my services. My talents, my body. He has been working on two scenarios. One involves one man, a nice one, who had asked what I enjoyed. The other involves two men, at least two, and they are not nice. They will hurt me - within, of course, the protective guidelines that Daddy has established.

Dinner tonight was with the nice man. Again, the man asked the sadist what I liked. Daddy said it took a while before he could stop laughing.

The man is tall, professional, around Daddy's age. Since he is described as "nice", I assume he is not a sadist. But he knows that I am Daddy's to offer, and he has "specific preferences", as Daddy puts it. So kinky in one way or another.

And that's pretty much all I know for now, except for one or two other details that I don't want to mention so as to protect his identity. Which means I'm squirming with curiosity to know more.

The interesting result of what I was told is that now I don't feel like I'm Daddy's little whore, and that he is pimping me to his friends. Rather I feel like this is a chance for me to help someone. Take care of his needs. Make someone feel good.

Isn't that nice?

When the sadist first mentioned giving me to his friends to use, ever so long ago, I was very uneasy about the whole thing. And now...

I can't wait.
Daddy does love to make me wait...


Florida Dom said...

How thoughtful of you that you want to take care of their needs. Hope you keep sharing the details of your adventures in doing that.


oatmeal girl said...

Ah yes, FD. I am such a generous little slut.

I have checked with Daddy as to whether I may share today's instructions and my fulfillment of them, which will start preparing me for my service. He hes given his permission, so watch for an update tonight or tomorrow. I think you will find it quite enjoyable. The event itself will involve a certain measure of humiliation, but also contains the possibility of physical pleasure for Daddy's little girl. Meanwhile, the preparations should be quite pleasurable indeed.

Liras said...

Good things often do come to those who wait.

Are you nervous?

MrJ said...

Good girl!
Enjoy your good works.