Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sex toy party - fun for the whole family!

Having received the gift of a new sex toy,
it seemed only fair to share the fun with the cats.
Marko had the first shot at trying to get it open.
What he doesn't know is that there is another layer of plastic inside.

Hmm... I wonder what this is good for?
Should I eat it now or just steal it?
Except I can't seem to get my jaws around it!

Maybe if we work together,
we can liberate these 2 shiny things.
Then we can fight over who gets which one.

Given the choice, I'd rather eat the plastic.

(Now that you've seen the cats' reactions,
go read yesterday's post for my own take on
both the Lipstick Vibe and the clamshell case.)

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