Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 more weeks

Three more weeks
until the future rides into town
and Hope becomes Reality.
Three more weeks
and WE will have done it.

But we can't be complacent.
This election will be won
one vote at a time.

Don't know what to do?

Go to the website:


Make phone calls.
Talk to your neighbors.
Wear a button.
Put up a yard sign.
Put blatantly political statements on your sex-and-poetry blog.

Join the Great Shlep to Florida

from which my parents saved me by moving back up to Connecticut.
(Speaking of which, congratulations Connecticut
for letting wedding bells ring for all!)

Do you remember that great line from Tom Lehrer's song The Folk Song Army?

Remember the war against Franco?
That's the kind where each of us belongs.
Though he may have won all the battles,
We had all the good songs.

Well, this time we've got it all. We WILL win the battle, in a respectful, non-violent sort of way, but we also have the most creative and resourceful bunch of supporters any cause or candidate could want. So when you get tired of making phone calls to Ohio, or need to let your cell phone re-charge, take a little break for this seasonal activity (website courtesy of the philosopher):


And if you can't vote in this election, for whatever reason, including being citizens of a country on the other side of the globe (Hej då Sverige! Hello Turkey! Hello Malta!), hope and pray that we can get it right this time. The world we save will be yours.


{milla} said...

I would give something big to be able to vote over there. Wow, what a big time, what a possibility for change. We went through it last year and the elation was immense. Now it's not quite stacking up the way everyone had hoped, politics is still politics, but at least things may start to change.


naughtyinaustin said...


oatmeal girl said...

Milla, I will dedicate part of my vote to you. it's about time this Americans as individuals and the US as a whole remembered that we're not the only ones who are affected by our actions.

Hi, naughtyinaustin! It's always nice to hear from you. I don't supposed it would help to form a Perverts for Obama PAC. Just imagine the fundraiser we could have... Sadists could pay big buck for the chance to cane their favorite submissive sex bloggers. With permission, of course... A hundred dollars a whack?