Thursday, October 30, 2008

How I lured them here

I collect the search words that bring the odd reader to my doorstep. Sometimes they are clearly old readers with vague memories of things I've written, trying to find their way home. And sometimes they are newcomers, stumbling into my fantasies and minimal adventures.

Having spent much of the day serving the fiend's needs for the products of my easily debauched mind, I thought I'd pop off a little poem based on some choice selections from my search word list. But I'm tired. It's Thursday. And I had to endure my doctor's telling me that the three separate results of my thyroid blood test totally contradict each other. So ok, I have to get the test re-done. But this sure better sort itself out. Because if after all those years of resisting lithium, I finally capitulate and find that just a little makes me semi-sane, and then find that it isn't even having the expected unfortunate effect on my thyroid production... now really, can you wonder that i should just want to wash my hands of everything and sink into submission?

So anyway, I'm worn out, and have one remaining task for the fiend (no, I'm not telling, but I'm looking forward to it ever so much...) which means I don't think I have a poem in me. Instead, here's a few sample search words that I have found amusing. And who knows what this list will bring me? (I do love the thought of the serious art students doing a search on the Boucher odalisque who found their way here. At least one obviously had a fun time exploring...)

~ the chair as a metaphor [the first one on my list after the philosopher set up our stat meter. I love this one!]
~ "my master" dog sex [icky...]
~ bad girl in egypt [hmm...]
~ clit chatter [?? a vagina gossip session?]
~ belt panties OR undies "i was punished with" [pretty specific, this one]
~ slave whip dress rope rape [oh yes... the search words alone are a turn on...]
~ cum out of my nose [no cum-ment]
~ the heart never forgets
~ stunning nipples [well, they are!]
~ public butt plug caning [another juicy one]
~ "her hands bound" "he exploded" orgasm [well, it's sure easy to get HIM to cum!]
~ "giving head to a cucumber" [nothing to add]

and my very favorite:

~ why does scaramouche have a big nose [from in Brooklyn]

Enjoy the scavenger hunt for where these searches took them.

PS - 5 more days... please consider voting early if you can... and it feels REALLY good to work for the candidate of your choice. There's still time to add your extra effort to making history.

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