Monday, October 27, 2008

When is a poet not a poet?

when is a poet not a poet?
when she’s a voodoo doll
stuck with pins
when she’s a twopenny nail
under a hammer
when she’s a slab of meat
pounded till tender
when she’s a hank of hair
grabbed and bound
when she’s the volume knob
turned so high
the knob on a lamp
twisted so tight
when she’s her own nipple
and pinched
and bitten
so hard
that you can hear the scream.

when she’s a scream.

and nothing more.


mamacrow said...

oooo! sorry I'm late to comment, but I really like this!

like a play onthe old play ground jokes 'when is a door not a door' and all that...

very good

Greenwoman said...

Now that's a descriptive poem. *grins*