Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dommed by my virus

Being sick sucks. Especially when what you have is a highly contagious virus that could last 2-3 fucking weeks!

I mean, 2-3 non-fucking weeks.

My lovely Irishman called tonight. Obviously, I had to regretfully decline his request to avail himself of that which is rightfully his. It's bad enough giving a guy a cold, but a 3-week virus? Even he couldn't have been that horny.

As an aside... doesn't it strike you as odd that so many doms own me... have rights to me... Seems I ought to be able to design some sort of hierarchy chart. Well, of course you all know what it would be.

The Irishman can call in the middle of the night or the middle of the afternoon and if at all possible I will drop everything and happily present myself for use. I think of him sometimes, and smile at memories of him walking up to my door at a quarter of 1 in the morning. I think of how stern he becomes, how abrupt, how focused, and, underneath, how gentle and considerate. I'm curious to see, as we go on, how far he lets himself go in exploring his urges with me. And I'm happy to have him in my life, even though his appearances are brief and unanticipated.

Serving him pleases me.

My sadistic demon muse owns pretty much every minute of my waking hours and, I suspect, much of my dream world as well. He is always lingering underneath my consciousness, and usually just the act of sitting in front of my computer is enough to bring him to the fore. He values me, he lets me know that he values me, and despite the fact that I drive him crazy, he devotes much time to devising, revising, and then instituting plans that he hopes will train and mold me into what he wants me to be.

I want to be what he wants me to be.

The philosopher sits in a frame on my desk. The philosopher envelopes my butt in pink panties. The philosopher nestles above my cleavage in the guise of his gift of a handmade intarsia Obama logo pin, which I wear almost every day. The philosopher is like a soft and gentle second skin, a whisper of a hug, a tease of sun through the forest leaves... with no promise that there is any more sun to follow but welcome nevertheless.

Love trumps everything else.

Except for a very sadistic virus.
Nothing beats a virus.

Hmmm... I wonder if the sadist could beat it out of me... do you think the endorphins...?


cutesy pah said...

endorphins are amazing! when I'm ill, I often begged to be fucked, sometimes only for the distraction, for pain or for the miserable, uncomfortable feelings to come from something or someone other than myself, and my own body. sometimes I think it's my body's way of craving endorphins, or perhaps, it's just that my lover's touch brings to me a craving for normality, and balance.

all I know is that my Daddy is ill, and is coming to visit tomorrow. I hope and pray that he doesn't have what you have!

I don't know how he would, seeing that you two don't know each other, but, well.....wait...he was out your way, and you two both got sick at the same time, and you're close to the same age, and you're both jewish.....

*shakes head* naahhhh....couldn't be......

*giggles* just kidding!! hope I made you smile!

get well soon, girlie!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Yes I reckon if you avoid kissing and huffing all over each other, then some physical play could be just what you need, probably the harsher the better, as cutesy says it would take your mind off it all at least. Also you wouldn't be in the depressing mindset of 2-3 weeks without interaction. Do it do it!

xxxx milla

Ronjazz said...

OG!....Why don't you allow those endorphins to help you feel better? Get past the virus and THEN hop on the horse again. Wish you were my way...I could certainly use someone right now with your be what I want you to be, that sounds so good right now...

Be well!

mamacrow said...

I have found that a good orgasim or too helps to flush out the nasties quicker.

worth a try anyway! and hasn't the Demon Muse already had it?! (i've promoted him to capitals, please note)

mamacrow said...

ho hum i meant 'or TWO'.

Anonymous said...

My Master came to visit me for a weekend last spring when i was very sick. (i seemed only a little sick, but by the time he got here, i was in the midst of what turned out to be influenza.) Anyway, i had a horrible cough, and him fucking me or me sucking his cock turned out to the best cough suppressant of all! i did feel horribly guilty when he got sick later, though.

oatmeal girl said...

Oh yes, I know about endorphins as a great decongestant. I was a camp counselor after my freshman year in college and had such a bad cold that I was carrying around a box of kleenex. Then I had a nice long heavy petting session with one of my fellow camp counselors - a really sexy French-speaking Egyptian jewish guy named Guy who I'm sure was just taking advantage of my desperate need for physical contact. Anyway, it worked! I could breathe!!

So yeah, it would be a great idea. but I certainly don't want to re-infect the sadist - the week+ he was sick was lonely and boring. And it's not something I would wish on the Irishman, either. So I'm being patient and well-behaved and harnessing my energy. I expect I should be cleared for use by the middle of next week.

Oh and cutesy pah, as for your Daddy... ;-)

No, actually, teh truth is that the damn thing is all over the country. Two of them. The stomach virus and the upper respiratory virus. Yuck.

Can't wait to be better.

PS - special thanks to Ron and longdistancesub. Welcome to the party! Would you like to join me in some nice hot tea and honey?