Monday, March 2, 2009

snuffle cough moan

mostly cough.

[hack hack]

there goes another one.

too sick to work today.
too sick to write today.

woke up in the middle of the night feeling as if a fat cock were stuffed down my throat. but no, the Irishman hadn't materialized in the middle of the night. it was my damn tonsils, which made themselves scarce when they were due to be removed and saved their lives. damn tonsils.

they settled down today under the influence of continuous doses of assorted hot liquids. but that didn't help with the razor blades in my throat.

at least when my demon muse tortures me, his ministrations are of limited duration. he beats me, he spanks me, he twists my nipples near to coming off, i scream, i cry, he gets turned on and impresses me with whatever lesson was on the syllabus for the day,


but oh, no, not today. my own body is torturing me, there's nothing arousing about it (except, i must admit, when i write about it in context of what my tormentor wishes he had been doing to me today...), and it doesn't stop.

it was too bad, really. here i was home all day, the house to myself, and the sadist was home because it was too snowy for what he normally would have been doing, and... frustration. i was sick and he was recuperating and while, as he admitted, we are not always all that wise, we were wise enough to know that getting together would have been a very bad idea.

still, there were many e-mails, and a very instructive and arousing and, most important of all, pleasing to him phone call, and then he restored to me the privilege of a form of address which had been denied me since our reunion and i'm feeling wonderfully close to him and highly submissive, and as obedient as someone can be who is always forgetting things...

we have fallen behind schedule due to his own illness, but he has plans to accelerate our progress.

and if i'm very very good, and very very obedient, he just might let me serve him with my (per his own testimonial) hot, tight, wet pussy and my even tighter, never-before-used little butt hole.

enough of this coughing! i've got work to do.


cutesy pah said...

YAY!!! Good, good good!! *insert happy clapping* *giggles*

I'm so thrilled for you!!

If I may suggest, Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Tea is the best for a sore throat. Raspberry is a natural anti-inflammatory, as is pineapple. Only Celestial adds actual raspberry bits and such to its tea.

Lydia said...

Is the sadist and the muse demon the same man ?

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks for all your suggestions, cutesy pah, here and elsewhere. But I still swear by chicken soup as better than anything. Even the scientists agree! Of course, it's possible all the scientists were Jewish... haven't checked that out yet.

Yes, Lydia, my demon muse is a sadist, and recently I have taken to referring to him as such. Sometime he is operating more in his role as my literary director, and sometimes in his full sadistic identity. There are many sides to him and to our interactions. He is very complex and very challenging.

If you haven't already done so, read the post Cast of Characters (January 26) for a good introduction (minus the Irishman).

mina said...

Oh I hope you are feeling more yourself very soon!

Lydia said...

Yes I have to start studying your blog, I already know I will enjoy it!

cutesy pah said...

well of COURSE you swear by chicken soup! *giggle* but drink the tea too, or eat some pineapple.

trust me - I'm an attorney! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Aw i'd be so curious to be a fly on the wall at one of your interactions. They sound reaaaaaalllllly interesting and filled with fodder for thought and writing.

Good one o.g. thanks for your presence at the new place too :D


DL's toy said...

LMAO! That first cluster of sentences sounds like me! I have it too, it sucks, doesn't it?

Hope you get well soon. (i find lots of rest, hot showers, and stuff to drink helps me recover).

Better be soon because i'm serving my Owner soon! No one wants a sick little pet going down on them (lol)


oatmeal girl said...

mina, I'm starting to think this IS myself. Very discouraging. I'm again taking the afternoon off - and doubt I would have gone to work at all if I were still commuting downtown!

One of our volunteers had it for 2 weeks. OK, she's around 80, but at this point I can't imagine getting better any faster than that.

Lydia, I hope you don't regret all the time you are spending catching up. And if I don't get better soon, there will be nothing juicy to report.

cutesy pah - pineapple? Sorry, no strength to go back to the store. The chicken soup still beats everything. Beats? Did I say beats? Sigh... no being beaten for me as long as I'm sick. not that i like being beaten. i hate it. And yet...

Velvet - our "interactions" are lessons. And intertwined with everything he teaches me through mostly e-mail and occasional phone calls. He is training me. Making me into what he needs...

Toy! What a treat to see you here. I've been thinking of you often, now that I am serving a sadist, even though he holds that part of himself back My mind goes to very dark places, darker than I would be able to handle...

What does LMAO mean? I'm so stupid about some of this stuff.

I could perhaps have served him this afternoon, or tomorrow afternoon, but he is recuperating and I'm so sick, so we are behaving responsibly. I would protest but frankly, I doubt I would have the energy for him...

Wanna come over for some chicken soup?