Thursday, March 12, 2009

Working towards an A

Every evening I get an assignment.
Something to write.
Or something to do.
These days I am being trained.
He gives me orders.
Precise instructions.
I have to practice
and then report.
He is training me to please him.
He is training me to serve him
He knows what he likes
and that is what I do.
Very practical.
Tonight my instructions included a gift.
Tonight I was ordered to masturbate.
Tonight I was to give him an orgasm.
Tonight I practiced what he wants
and then I got to cum
He likes to watch me cum.
He likes to hear me moan and sob.
He didn't watch tonight.
But my orgasm was his.
I ran my hands over my breasts
and down my belly, pinching
my nipples as I went by,
digging my nails in and
crying out the pain.
He likes to hear my cries of pain.
My clit was a slut for attention.
My cunt was awash with honey.
My hands were happy and busy.
My mind was throbbing with memories.
My mouth was saying please hurt me.
My mouth was saying please fuck me.
And then my mind was gone
and my body was shaking
and my womb was convulsing
and I made my offering
to my god of sadism
and I came.
And it was good.


Vesta said...


Well, I'm pleased for you and all. You know I am.
But, you could have warned me, dear.
The timing of this for me is terrible!!!

oatmeal girl said...

I'm sorry, hon. I suppose I should have started off with "May be distressing to submissives on orgasm restriction."

Except that so many of us are on masturbation and/or orgasm restriction at one point or another that we'd all become too sensitive to each other to allow ourselves to exult when we do get to touch and cum.