Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lurkers are our friends, too

You over there.
Yes, you!

I know you're there... I don't know your name, but I know you're coming by. I see your city pop up in my stats... Cardiff... Stockholm... Santa Monica... Ronkonkoma... Bucharest... College Park... Tel Aviv... not to mention assorted sites in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan...

It's ok if you don't want to say anything. Really! But sometimes...

Do I inspire you?
Amuse you?
Arouse you?
Infuriate you?

You don't have to give me the details, though I admit I love the idea of someone being driven to masturbate by my scattered stories and fantasies and descriptions of what the sadist does to me. But don't worry - you're entitled to your secrets. We all have those.

But once a year, thanks to Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts, a time is set aside for all you shy ones and all of you who just have nothing to add but keep coming back if only to sneer at this aging hippie who claims to be a poet. Meaning you.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

I won't look if you don't want me to.

Or I will deliberately look if you want to stand there naked before me, wanking away at your persistent erection or rubbing that pretty little spot between your legs. If only I could reward you by demonstrating the things my Master has taught me to do with my tongue! If only I could reward you sadists by presenting myself to be bound to the bed or the tree or the dining room table, and then giving you the feast of my screams as you go at my ass with the palm of your hand or your trusty leather belt or your favorite flogger or whatever it is you use as a cane...

I'm squirming now....
I'm wet now...
Does that please you?

And for all my dear submissive friends, we'll curl up in our pyjamas (you too, Orlando), or maybe naked would be better, and share stories and tears and suck each other's tits (you, too, Orlando) and enjoy the benefits of community.

Sound good?

We'll work on it.
Maybe next year.
For now
please just stick your head out
and say hi,
or give me a silent wave of the hand
and this little attention slut
will be very very happy.

And then we'll have an orgy.


Hermione said...


I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and enjoy your posts.

LOL day is so much fun! An orgy might be even more fun.


Anonymous said...

Oh so tempting, but I'm shy. If you check your stats obsessively (I do!) then you'll have spotted me in a couple of places in the world.

And I keep coming back for me, although I worry about you sometimes.

Anonymous said...

me / more... that was a revealing slip :)

the last captcha was zspant

Greenwoman said...

Hiyah sweets. Been lurking here for awhile myself. Just been feeling silent and still out in most of bloggy land.


Anonymous said...

O dear Oats. I am afraid I have become a lurker. It wasn't my intention at all. Things have been very hectic...you know how it is, I know.

I grin at all your posts; I sometimes laugh; if I were allowed to masturbate I would. Consider yourself appreciated, from this quarter. I look forward to your fulfilling your master's needs, even if he does not let you write about them. I hope you are well. I hope implacable, beautiful men are making you scream your tonsils out and come unti your ovaries ache.

Currently, my pajamas are checkerboard, violet and purple.

Your lurker, Orlando

Honey said...

I lurk here, a bit. We read (and comment actively) in a few common places.

Mostly, I think you're interesting. You've an interesting perspective and a way with words. I came to like you through you comments elsewhere- your support of others in our community is often touching.

So, hi.

I'm Honey. There used to be a kinky sex blog attached, but now I've just got the vanilla one going for various reasons.

gd said...

You crack me up, og

ahhh ... gotta love IT.

Paul said...

OG, better late then never, waves and smiles.
Your faithful admirer. :D
Love and warm hugs,

littlegirl said...

do i count as a lurker? you know i'm here . . . but i owe you some comment love, so i'm just saying hi OG. happy to hear you're doing well.


Bonnie said...


I thought I posted here yesterday, but I guess I didn't. In any case, I love your unique perspective, and yes, I've been lurking! Until now, that is...

Thanks for participating in LOL day. I hope you had a good time.


SirJas said...

I've been lurking for a few months now. The writing is so high quality - thoughtful, also arousing (yes, at times I get hard). First noticed the blog because I share your interest in Jewish tradition. But the adventures in D/s are the main thing. I'm a Dom with some r/t experience. Always glad to see a sincere sub like you.

oatmeal girl said...

Many thanks to the few of you who did say hello. I know I don't have hordes of readers, but I also know there are more than these and the few who comment regularly. Ah well, I guess most of you are really committed to your lurking.

That's ok, I don't mean to make you feel guilty.

OK. I lied. I want to make you feel guilty...

A reassurance... for many of you, your stats show where you come from, but not much more than that. I can tell if you're a Mac user or not. But I can't track you down if you comment, and announce to your entire workplace that you like to read about my escapades while you touch yourself beneath your desk... (yes, you... I've been watching you...)

Love to you all - and I'll come back and reply individually later.

(New lurkers are welcme to say hi at any time - no accompanying praise required.

baby girl said...

hi o.g.

it seems i've become a lurker too these days. been a bit mute lately. life has been overwhelming.

but i'm reading. as i'm sure you know. maybe you can tell me how to check my stats someday?

thinking of you. pleased that you sound so happy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm also a silent reader...! Thanks for your blog