Monday, October 19, 2009

My Master's Hospitality

Hey. Come on in.
Want a beer?
A sandwich?
A blow job?

Pet, come here.
Display yourself.
Show off your tits.
Here, watch what happens when I twist those nipples.
Yes, she's quite a screamer.
And you should hear her moans.
Her mouth has other talents, of course.
She's quite the good little cocksucker.
What do you think?
Wanna give her a try?
I've been training her hard.
She's a natural with that tongue.

You want to use her pussy?
Excellent choice. Perhaps
you'd like her butt hole as well.
It's even tighter than her cunt.
Hardly ever used.
Anyway, look her over
and use her as you will.
Beat her, too, if you want.
Whatever turns you on.

She's mine.
And while you're here,
what's mine is yours.

As long as I get to watch.


Florida Dom said...

Another very good erotic post that shows your submission. And loved your idea in the previous comments that women in labor shoud write erotic stories that will make it easier for the baby to pop out. Or maybe the women could think of their pain of childbirth as coming from their Master to make it esier to deal with.


Paul said...

OG, lovely thought of your Sadist, to share his treasure! :D
Your last reply to my comment, makes me want to write a different version of Exodus.
An erotic very hot version, somehow I doubt that the authorities would approve, I wish that I had the talent to do this, you might. ;)
Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

hmmm... I don't really see labour contractions as PAIN now... more strong muscles working that - yes - HURT, but it isn't pain, if you see what I mean?

such as certain things - spanking, nipple twisting - hurt, but, again, I don't classify them as pain, but as an intense sensation...

mere pendantry? maybe... I think my definition of pain is the message that something is definitly wrong, whereas labour and sexual pain isn't necessarily messages about a problem, but messages about something that is happening, something intense, but not wrong... if that makes sense?

Incedently Paul, we had Song of Solomon at our wedding - some of that is quite steamy!

mamacrow said...

oh bother, forgot to say - I really enjoyed this. I'm really enjoying these pieces - being shared is not something that's in my fantasy lexion really, but the last post and this post - really really hot.

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks, FD. I'm struggling at the moment to get back into that mind space, after a few hours of delicious sex in which I was the submissive partner but not in submission, if you know what I mean. It was NOT all for him. It was for us both, I swam in pleasure, and having time to lie together afterwards was so delicious... I badly need to be with my Master again, to remember who and what I am.

Paul - one of the things I love about Judaism is that it challenges us to think use the Torah to explore who and what we are and what we believe and how we exist in the world. Think of crossing the Red Sea, of that first person who had the faith to step into the waters. Think of having the faith that this is what you are when you step in the Sea of Sadism, the Sea of Submission. The waters part and you find yourself. And Moses takes up his staff and brings it down on the buttocks of his wife. She feels the pain echo through her as he watches the welt deepen. And they both smile.

Oh, mamacrow, I'm fascinated by your classification of pain as a signal by the body that something is wrong. And that therefore those intense sensations as inflicted by the sadist, and those intense sensations felt in giving birth, are not what should be called pain. very interesting...

And yes, the Song of Solomon, whatever some scholars want to say it actually is, is very steamy stuff. Sexual, not just sensual. That's why we read from it at passover. Spring. The mating season. Be fruitful and multiply. It definitely seems to have worked for you!