Monday, October 5, 2009

Pervert's Progress

Another step has been taken.
My playmate has been chosen.
The product has been pitched.
Marketing documents are being prepared.

Last Saturday. Last Saturday my Master spoke to the man (I do believe it is a man) who will fuck me for my Master's pleasure and for his own. He is one of us, a dom at least if not a sadist. He knows what I am to my Master. He is on FetLife. He has been told a lot about me and may even be reading this post.

Rather than frightening me, the news dissolved me into a submissive puddle. My body convulsed in expected ways, sweet juices flooding from the delta that sometime soon will be invaded by this stranger's cock per my Master's order. There were other physical reactions, too, relating to the private metaphors that unite me and my beloved demon muse.

I feel soft and yielding.

I am overjoyed at this chance to prove my submission, my obedience, my acceptance, and my love. I will do everything I can to please this man, and will bask in my Master's pride as he sees how willingly I obey.

He might hurt me, this man selected to enjoy me. He might hurt me - if the sadist tells him to. I am not one who needs pain, but I will welcome it if the sadist wishes to watch another torment me.

The Beast will be watching. Of that I am sure.
The Beast will be watching and devouring my screams.

I have told you all I know. The sadist doesn't have to tell me anything before it happens, but told me that much, I think, in order to enjoy the reaction he knew would follow.

He knows me well.

He knows how I respond.

I can feel it now. I can feel this strange man's cock forcing its way into whichever orifice he or my Master chooses. Perhaps I'll moan with pleasure. Perhaps I'll moan with pain. But whatever I do, I will do my best to please my Lord because I am his and I love him and to please him is my joy.


charlie said...

That inner strength to make your Master proud of his property is a strong sign of your commitment to him. He is a fortunate Master! Also, you know that he wouldn't have anything done to harm you permanently.

Paul said...

OG, interesting, I'm looking forward to reading that post.
Love the idea of His Beast devouring your sounds and screams.
Love and warm hugs,

nancy said...

Oh MY!
To be told this much .. and now to wait~
What a rare gift you Master has in you.
Enjoy the surely he wants this as much as the actual moments themselves.

mamacrow said...

ooooo! now i've got the punishment AND this that I can't wait to hear about!

oatmeal girl said...

charlie, thank you so much for the compliment. But it doesn't feel like inner strength. It is joy. I am flooded with pure joy that this man prizes me so much that he views me as a treasure worthy of being a gift.

I am a fortunate pet.

Paul - I'm curious to see how much the Beast will show his face. You never know. but for sure my Master will be there...

nancy - you are right, of course, he loves what the anticipation is doing to me. He loves withholding information to tease me, arouse me, and amuse him with my questions and curiosity. Though today...

mamacrow - well, you can't hear about them until they happen... ;-)

mamacrow said...

'sigh' the waiting game... sometimes good, sometimes bad!