Saturday, October 24, 2009

A sudden swarm of suitors

The Irishman has been probing the possibility of spanking me again. Which usually involves the pleasure of his cock in one orifice or another. Two requests this week, after a long silence, although unfortunately both encounters failed to materialize.

Meanwhile, I've been e-mail flirting with a young redhead with some Irish in his genetic mix. Are we surprised? Five years younger than the philosopher, though at least not in academia. While out of state, he is no further than the northern part of that rival state on the other side of Washington, DC. He answered the craigslist ad I placed late in December, during that regrettable period of estrangement from my demon muse. He is into BDSM, a bit of a sadist though nowhere as extreme as my Master. Like many doms, he is mainly focused on the sexual play aspect of it rather than developing someone's submission on a deeper scale. Still, I think I would enjoy exploring his perspective.

Let's call him Ian.

I had sent him away when he first answered my ad, because I had specified over 40. But he came back recently, very insistent that I not be closed-minded about age, and I've been enjoy our very titillating correspondence. Of course, just as it turned out he is part Irish, it also turned out that he has a girlfriend, and the relationship is not an open one. Even if it's just for play, it would be lovely to give my ass to someone who doesn't have to sneak around and could even have me at his place so we could be assured of full privacy.

Which brings me to the architect. Let's call him Evan. I can't remember if I've mentioned him before. He answered the same craigslist ad that brought me and the philosopher together, and he presented me with a painfully arousing extended scenario of what he would do with me if I came to his door. It never came to pass for assorted reasons, including the little fact that I fell in love with the philosopher. We haven't been in touch for a good 2-1/2 years. And then suddenly Evan, too, reappeared in my Inbox. We started writing again and now, finally, we will be getting together.


Unfortunately, once again it will be here. But at least he doesn't have a girlfriend. (And he's over 40 as well.) However, he shares an apartment with a woman who was formerly not exactly a girlfriend but more a friend with benefits. Now they are just friends, but have agreed not to rub each other's noses in their sexual adventures. I'm impressed, actually.

He doesn't see himself as a dom, but the scenario he presents is definitely one of control and some measure of discomfort. I did tell him that I belong to a sadist, which I suspect intrigues him.

What is delicious about both Evan and Ian is that their kinks include a desire to stimulate me and bring me to orgasm. Ian writes of punishing me for my teasing e-mails by binding me down and forcing me to orgasm again and again and again, after which I will be spanked and fucked in the ass. They do all want to fuck my ass.. Since my Master is concerned with his pleasure alone, and the Irishman's modus operandi is to spank, fuck, and run, either of the other two would be a nice change.

I am allowed to do this. I am allowed to play, to fuck, to serve, even to have a more steady paramour of whatever sex. But I belong to my demon muse and my primary devotion is always to him. He used to speak of the inevitability of my leaving him for someone else, but hasn't done that much lately. Maybe he sees how my sense of being his has grown deeper and deeper. I don't know. It's silly to speculate about him.

So yes. I am allowed to play and have even on occasion been encouraged to do so. He thinks I was created to serve men's sexual pleasure and should be generous with my gifts. I do not have to ask permission, but I may if I wish. And, if I wish, or when he thinks I need him to do so, he will require my suitor to ask permission to use me.

Evan long predates my Master, and I look at our approaching meeting as unfinished business. I will tell my master about it but see no need for permission. The Irishman came into the picture during my rift with the sadist, but I did ask permission to continue once my beloved demon muse took me back.

Ian is another story, however. Ian popped up during the break, but came back and seduced me with his tantalizing e-mails now, while I am my Master's. And Ian is a dom. Maybe that's one of the big differences. He needs to show his respect for the one who owns me... for the fact that someone DOES own me. So should it ever come down to meeting, he will have to ask my Master's permission. You can't just play with someone else's toy. I am my Master's property, and another dom must ask permission before trespassing.

Especially if he plans on leaving welts on my butt.


charlie said...

Well, I guess this person has another reason to truck down to Washington DC (I go to a professional meeting there every March/April). I love to spank and fuck a lovely Jewish ass- and being the Gentleman that I am- I would of course ask for permission from your Master. One never plays with someone else's property without permission

nancy said...

It never rains but it pours~
I've seen it so often!
As you are allowed.. what can you do but enjoy!

oatmeal girl said...

My, my charlie... i suppose if i can't get a proper boyfriend, i'll just have to content myself with being used by all who want me... i suppose you're another one looking to satisfy his BDSM needs outside his committed relationship? maybe i could specialize. (Sorry for still being mopey... and i do love your eggplant pictures! My Master does like the thought of my being sued by others. Just imagine being all respectable and professional in your downtown DC hotel, and then coming back up to your room and revealing your true self to my waiting ass. Go on. Distract me. Do you mainly use your hand? Or do you like to use other items as well? Not to mention your cock...)

Paul can come the following month. And then dominick... I do really want dominick...

nancy, you are right. it's pretty weird, isn't it.