Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welt schmerz*

There is nothing enjoyable about being caned.
Especially not for me.
Especially not when the Beast is wielding
the wicked strip of wood that landed
three times - or was it four? -
upon my proffered butt.
An odd reward for a cock well-sucked.

But afterwards . . .
the flood of tears,
the cleansing sobs,
the joyous high,
and that bouquet of welts,
blazing red and hard
across my round, pale bottom.

A fitting reward indeed.

Thank you, my Lord.
From my mouth
and my butt
and my heart.

* look it up if you must, with this suggestion: try translating only the second word into German.


guessmypiercings said...

Having never been caned before, I can only assume your title is correct :P I love the german language and have used it to title my posts before too! Beautifully written, thank you for sharing!

(I can't seem to post comments with my sephanipaige.wordpress ID anymore :( always an error, so I got a google account.)

Paul said...

OG, I appreciate the pun.
German is my mother tongue, though I'm really rusty now, when I visit Germany I pick it up quickly.
Four strokes laid on hard, if you aren't used to the cane, Ouch!!!
Love and warm hugs,
or should I sign, an admirer!!!

nancy said...

But being one who likes canes.. lucky you!
Glad you had a lovely moment with that wicked wood~

oatmeal girl said...

sephani - thanks for identifying yourself! can't imagine why you suddenly can't post with that ID. As for caning... it hurts like hell. And it has this interesting aspect of tow kinds of pain... the initial impact... and then the dark echo down into the muscles...

It was only a few stroke, 3 or 4, but hard. The Beast inflicted them... plus they were a warning from my Master against calling to the Beast and arousing him.

Paul - did you get out of Germany before or after the war? I really do wish I could just pop over to the UK and visit you and mamacrow and some of my other friends there. My German isn't great, never was all that good. I studied it because I wanted to read Bertolt Brecht in the original. And it ended up helping my Yiddish.

Nancy - Do remember that it's not your normal cane. It's a strip of wood such as is used to trim the baseboard, just above the carpet or flooring. It hurts way more than the standard BDSM cane that the philosopher ordered and that still hangs in my closet. And even when he is holding back (which I know he was), the sadist's blows are horribly hard.

Anonymous said...

Painful you say? Sounds right up my alley then :) I wish I knew of a good shop in the UK to buy such delicious sounding toys from! I doubt I could convince Master to buy something online :P

I think its amazing that your Master shares you with others! I don't think mine would, specially not for any sort of dominance. He's kinda greedy like that lol.

Anonymous said...

bah! now it decides to work and make a liar out of me lol. typical bloody internet!