Friday, February 5, 2010

Beneath the snow

The world outside my window is disappearing. Hour by hour, shapes and sounds are becoming muted, melting under the crystalline blanket of tiny, six-pointed stars that obscures everything we thought was real.

Inside, my secret life persists.

Inside my house.
Inside my brain.
Inside my heart and my cunt and my submissive soul.

I am feeling an odd safety in my weather-imposed isolation. It feels like the safety the sadist inspires in me. A protection against everything except what is important. All that remains is what is real - what is real to me - what is real to us - while everything becomes muted. Becomes non-existent.

There was just some sort of explosion a block or two away. The lights have been blinking. Perhaps a transformer blew. Here, we still have power. Just in case, there are now tea lights dancing in my bedroom window.

Whatever happens, the cats will keep my body warm tonight.
Whatever happens, my Master will keep my heart warm tonight.
Whatever happens, the flames will keep on burning.


charlie said...

The security and comfort of our home and mind is all that we really need to keep us feeling safe and secure.

nancy said...

Nothing like a good, isolating snow storm to wrap you and those delicious secrets firmly together!

Do hope your power stays on.. cats are helpful but ...

Paul said...

OG, wow that must save on the fuel bills. :D
But seriously, we had blizzards last months, and looking out from inside, is a nice safe feeling.
Hope that you didn't have to suffer a power outrage.
Love and warm hugs,

oatmeal girl said...

The power did not stay on, and was off for around 34 hours. I slept in my my clothes under a huge pile of blankets, worrying that the cats' ears were so cold that they were in danger of frostbite.

I have kind neighbors, though, and once I tunneled my way through to the street, and went 2 doors down to where my 80 year old neighbor DID have power. She plied me with coffee,a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and conversation while I charged up my BlackBerry, updated the sadist on my status, and left a phone message for my parents that I was still alive. When I returned to shoveling, the man from across the street came out with his son and helped me dig out my car. Which I have no intention of taking anywhere.

We got around 31 inches. Another 5 or so is projected for Tuesday and Wednesday. AS long as we don't lose power again, I think this is great fun. Especially if I don't have to go to work!

Marsha The Roast said...

beautiful! I do miss weather living in Los Angeles now. Even the bad stuff it brings. It brings together neighbors. Love those grown up snow days I used to get in the Midwest. You have the right idea.